Too cool for school!

I follow many blogs that have "Wordless Wednesday's." Meaning, they just post a picture without a caption. If today were Wednesday I would post this picture without a caption.

Alexi's Baptism

On Saturday, April 25th Alexi was baptised at St. Jude's Parish. Most of the family was able to join us in the wonderful celebration. Alexi is blessed with four godparents; Aunt Sarah, Aunt Kim, Uncle Chip, and Uncle Daniel. They all are very important to us and we know they will each serve an important role in Lexi's life.



We have really been enjoying the past few weeks of Spring. Unfortunately, the Stars didn't make the playoffs this year, but on a positive note, Jason's non-traveling work begins sooner than normal! Lexi and I are so thankful to have him home. Jason and I have been "Spring Cleaning" and we are even going to attempt our first garage sale this weekend. We are also baby proofing the house this week because Alexi will soon be mobile! She is sitting up on her own now (we have to be close though to catch her when she begins to fall) and she is super close to rolling over from her back to her stomach. She is learning new things everyday and she brings us more joy than words can tell.


April Fun

Alexi hearts her activity center from Mimi and PawPaw. Her favorite so far is the piano...


Meeting Uncle Chip

Last Sunday Grandma Mike and Aunt Kim picked Lexi and I up and we all headed to Kentucky to welcome Uncle Chip home from Afghanistan. The trip had many "firsts" in store for Lexi. It was her first road trip longer than 4 hours, her first bus ride, her first time to be on an Army Base, and her first time to meet her Uncle Chip. Of course, Uncle Chip had seen pictures of his niece, but this was the first time he would be able to hold her. It was an exciting and emotional time for all of us. Uncle Chip thinks Alexi is precious...he is once again a very proud uncle. Oh, and have I ever mentioned how very proud we are of Uncle Chip?