lexi the pop star

Lexi is the POP STAR at school this week!  For Lexi's special week at school we made a poster all about Lexi...
I asked Lexi questions and I didn't prompt her (I promise).

What is your favorite color?  "All of them.  I like rainbows because they have all the colors and they remind me of God and GiGi."

Who is your best friend?  "Addie and Nine."

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?  "The beach to collect seashells."

What do you want to be when you grow up?  "A photographer, a singer, and a doctor."

Where do you want to go to college?  "Texas Tech."

What is your favorite store?  "Target because I like when they talk about the Target card, Anthropologie, and Trader Joes."

And my favorite, who is your hero?  "You and daddy."


my little love bug

I was snuggling with Lexi when she first woke up this morning.  She reached over, gave me a big hug and whispered, "Happy Valentine's Day, Mommy."  This little love bug knows my love language!

Yesterday, a Valentine's Day package arrived in the mail from Grandma Mike.  Right after Lexi told me happy Valentine's day she said, "May I open the gift from Grandma Mike?  I miss her so much and that will make happy and not miss her as much."  Lexi has always been the great little negotiator!  While she waits for Jason to wake up she is getting Nine and Caroline (the new build a bear elephant we got yesterday) dressed for the day.  Last night she gave their clothes to Jason and asked him to put them in the dryer for a little bit because they like their clothes "fluffed a little bit more."

Lexi is dressed in her adorable heart dress Mimi and Paw Paw got her for her birthday (I"ll take some pictures later today) and she loved the Paleo donuts I made for this special morning.  Aunt Kim sent this recipe to us from Lexi's Clean Kitchen.  :)   

Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends and family!  xoxo!!


happy pinterest day

I'm pretty much a tear along the perforated edge character valentine kind of gal.  Well, until this year.  Last year Lexi took those to her Valentine class party and I'm pretty sure she was the only one who gave those out.  There is NOTHING wrong with them (frankly, I prefer them and I love the simplicity) and I don't try to be like others, BUT since we have been stuck in the house with frigid temperatures and a congestive cough I decided to look on Pinterest...

I love mason jars and I found these from Dandee-Designs!  I knew I didn't want to give candy to her classmates so we headed to Michaels to find some cute bugs.  For the girls, we made butterfly necklaces and for the boys we found glow in the dark bugs at Mardel.  For the teachers, we defaulted to our favorite store...Trader Joe's.  We found delicious dark chocolate covered marshmallows and honey graham crackers.  We put them in a mason jar, picked out some "sweet" fabric from my scraps, added and note + bow and we were done. 

Lexi and I really do enjoy doing arts + crafts together and we love giving presents so this worked out perfectly.  I hope everyone has a very sweet Pinterest's Valentine's Day!


love you, always

This morning Lexi said, "I can't wait until my next birthday."  I said, "But then you will be 6 and that is too grown up for me."  Lexi said, "Don't worry, mom.  I will always love you...even when I am an adult and even when I am a teenager.  I will always lie on your chest.  I might be kind of heavy when I'm an adult, but I know you will still love it." 


pizza night

Last night Lexi and I watched the Super Bowl, stayed by the fire, and ate pizza!!  I made a pizza crust with spaghetti squash and we loved it!!

Cooked spaghetti squash
1 whole egg
2 egg whites
3/4 cup cheese

Cook on 425 for 10 minutes then add toppings and cook for another 25 minutes.  We topped ours with spinach, mushrooms, red onions, sausage and garlic.  Delish!!

it doesn't look like me

Lexi prefers to wear her jumper uniform over her uniform skirt.  Today we were running a few minutes late so I grabbed the skirt and long sleeve polo POP shirt.  She got dressed and then came in our room, looked in the mirror, teared up and said, "It doesn't look like me."  She was so upset with what she had to wear, but once we put her hair in a side ponytail and purple flower headband she had a change of heart and was able to handle her new look.  :)

This totally reminds me of a story Rose Ann tells about Jason.  Jason (I don't remember what age he was) told his parents he didn't want to get new clothes because then the kids at school would not recognize him.  Cute, cute!!