Just a Thursday

The funniest part about this whole thing is Lexi LOVES to watch this video. As she watches it she laughs and mimics herself. She makes me laugh so hard all the time. I am crazy about this little girl!


My Birthday

I had a great birthday today. Jason took the day off of work so the three of us could be together. Jason took Lexi duty this morning so I could sleep in for a little bit and then he went to Starbucks for coffee and bagels. Lexi napped and Jason and I relaxed. When Lexi woke up we headed out to the pet store. Lexi loved the 'daw-g-a's' and the birds. We then went to lunch and to the Wiggles Play Center. Lexi thoroughly enjoyed herself and J and I got tired out as well! We then headed to the grocery store to get dinner. We ended up with pizza, wine, and brownies (ok, not the healthiest, but it's my birthday after all). After we put Lexi to bed we sat on the couch, ate, and watched the Olympics. It was a perfect birthday...I got to spend the whole day with two of my very favorite people!



Lexi loves to 'twirl.' She spins around with a big smile and claps when she is finished. Today she was twirling round and round making herself dizzy. She fell down (she didn't hurt herself) and I bursted into laughter. She stayed down for a minute gaining her composure and then she was back up again. She laughed at me laughing so hard and then she faked a couple of falls without twirling so I would laugh again. She is so incredibly funny!


And She's Off!

Lexi is officially off the bottle. Lexi spent the night with Mimi and Paw Paw Saturday night and she didn't want the bedtime bottle or the morning bottle on Sunday. So, last night she had a cup of milk during and after dinner. When she finished we read a book, brushed her teeth, and put her to bed. Not one tear from her. This morning when she woke up I fed her breakfast and gave her a cup of milk. I was sad last night about it, because I love cuddling with Lexi while she drinks her bottle. She made me smile from ear to ear this morning though while she sat on my lap the whole time she drank her cup. Our sweet girl is 100% a toddler now. It may take me a little while to not cry for the bottle, but Lexi is handling it just fine!


A Special Valentine's Day

This year we celebrated Valentine's Day with Grandma Mike, Mimi, and Great Grandma! Mimi came over on Saturday to watch Alexi while Jason and I both worked and before I made it home, Grandma Mike and Great Grandma were here too! Jason came home that night as well so our Valentine's Day was perfect! Here are some photos of the weekend:
Uncle Chip is 2500 miles away, but we all got to see him face to face on Valentine's Day!

Lexi and I both wore our shiny shoes for our Valentine's Day dinner at Snuffer's.

Lexi looked super sweet in her Anthro V Day dress. I bought it while I was pregnant and it was the perfect fit for this special occasion.

After the weekend was over Jason and I were cleaning up and I walked in the living room and found Lexi taking off her diaper. It was seriously one of the cutest things to see her powerful determination and her bare butt!


Guess Who's Talking?

Lexi has developed quite a vocabulary! I am going to brainstorm some of the words she can say: dog, duck, no, mama, daddy, paw-paw, bird, hush, hi, bye, hot, hat, fish, mine, right, there, thank you (this one is a little hard to understand), ball, blue, uh-oh, brrr...(ok, it's a stretch calling this a word, but she says it at appropriate times!). Oh, and huh(?).


Almost Perfect

We had a ton of no (snow) yesterday and today. It was absolutely beautiful. Every morning I feel blessed with Jason and Alexi, but this morning I was reminded how beautiful and peaceful life should be. There was white everywhere. It was pure. The birds were chirping and the wind was still. I soaked it all in. I couldn't resist taking pictures. I couldn't wait for Lexi to get up and see the pure 'no.' We stayed home again today and focused on being relaxed and cozy. We were just missing one person...Jason. Our day was almost perfect.


15 Months Old!

Alexi is 15 months old today. I can't believe we are 1/4 into her second year already. Before we know it, we will be lighting two candles on a birthday cake! We stayed in today because it SNOWED! Lexi says, "no" instead of "snow." She would go to the window and point at the snow and say, "no." I took her outside for a brief second so she could touch and taste the no. She didn't know what to think, but I got to see a pretty cute face when she ate it! Here are some photos of the no. Enjoy!


Friday Photos!

These pictures are from yesterday. The weather was beautiful so Alexi was able to wear one of her new spring dresses. I am IN LOVE with tights on this little girl...so precious!



Thursday's are a little rough on this mom. Lexi has tumble bugs at 10:00 am which happens to be right in the middle of nap #1. Yes, she is still taking 2 naps a day. Since tumble bugs is during the first nap, I have to get up before she does so I can shower and get ready. I try to go to bed early on Wednesday nights, but last night I was working so I didn't go to bed until 11. It also rained last night/early this morning and Jason is out of town, so needless to say, I didn't sleep well at all. Ok, I digress, enough about Wednesday...the title of this entry is Thursday. So, back to Thursday. Regardless of how much sleep I get on Wednesday nights I LOVE Thursday mornings. I love it because the garbage truck comes and Alexi LOVES the garbage truck! When we hear the truck from the living room we rush to the window so she can watch. Lexi watches the garbage truck with her jaw dropped. She keeps her arm extended, points, and waves hi and bye to the truck. She gets so excited to watch the truck lift the trash cans and she is amazed by the flashing lights. Although I wouldn't get excited about watching the garbage truck alone, Alexi reminds me all the time to just enjoy the moment and to appreciate the little things in life. Alexi's not even 15 months old and she is teaching me lessons. She is amazing and I appreciate every little ounce of her!


Cleaning Up

Lexi is pretty good about cleaning up her toys, clothes, and shoes when we ask her to. She loves to pull her clothes and shoes out of her drawers. She will find random places for them, but it all makes sense to her. Some of her shoes go on her chair and some of them go in the middle of the floor. This is the case with my shoes too! The amazing part about it is she usually keeps them in pairs. She also prioritizes shoes by their color. The brighter, the better in Lexi's opinion.

Lexi also finds random places for her toys and some of my kitchen tools. For example, her "Little People" house usually belongs on the window sill in the dining room. If you ask her to put that particular toy away, that's where it goes. Tonight when I was cleaning up after Alexi went to bed, I found two sets of cookie cutters on the window sill in the spare bedroom. They were neatly placed next to each other. Clearly, they belonged together!

Alexi can make me laugh even when I am missing her while she sleeps and I am too exhausted to clean!