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So we went.  Me and Lexi on the plane together.  Her first time and me...well, I don't get on planes very often so I get a bit nervous.  On Monday we boarded the plane.  Lexi was excited, I was nervous.  I prayed quietly in Lexi's ear when we sat down.  I felt better.  During the take off Lexi looked out the window.  I held her hand.  Tightly.  A few seconds later we took out the the Hello Kitty  stationary.  Lexi made cards for her new friends Hudson and Asher and her beloved GiGi.  Shortly after Lexi and I got our drinks, it was time to pack them up along with the rest of our belongings because we were descending. When we arrived in Lubbock, Amy and Asher picked us up.  We went to a t-shirt shop and One Guy's.  I loved pizza from One Guy's when I was in college.  We then picked up Hudson and then went to a cute ice cream shop and then we played at their house.  The next day, we went to the Ranching Heritage at Tech.  It was so pretty and the kids loved running around!  That night we went out to eat with our other friend, Patricia.  Her kids were not able to join us, but the adult girls chatted while Lexi, Hudson, and Asher played in the sand box.  On Wednesday, we went to the science museum (it was awesome) and later we went to the pool.  The kids loved splashing and playing.  We finished the evening with a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  On Thursday morning we went back to Tech for some pictures and then did a little more t-shirt shopping before heading to the airport.  It was a blast!

Here is why I am thankful and blessed for the past few days:

My husband encouraged me to take this trip.  It honestly is a trip I will never forget.  Lexi loved it.  I loved it.  My friend Amy is so comforting in so many ways.  She challenges me to be a better wife and mother without even knowing it.  I have learned it is about the experience, not about questioning the logistics.  I have had many cool mother and daughter experiences thus far...this one tops them all!  I am looking forward to our next mother/daughter trip, but before then, I am secretly planning our first real family vacation!


Jet Plane!

Tomorrow, Lexi and I are going to Lubbock to stay with my good friend, Amy.  Amy's husband travels each week so we decided to hang out this week!  It is going to be very low key, but I am SO looking forward to visiting Lubbock.  It will be a nice change of pace and we are so lucky to be able to take a little trip.  It will be Lexi's first time on a plane and she is getting extremely excited!  I will take a ton of pictures on this trip so stay tuned...


Our house

Jason and I spend a lot of time watching HGTV and daydream a out how we can fix up our house. We dream about a new master bathroom, a new guest bathroom, a refreshed backyard, and new countertops in the kitchen. While thinking about renovations we tend to focus on what we don't like about our house. The truth is, our house is a home. It is warm when it is cold outside, it has plenty of beds and hot water, it houses our wardrobes and toys for our daughter. We are blessed to have our home, just the way it is.

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My World

I just made this for Facebook and wanted to add it to my blog.  I am so blessed to be me because I have my sweet husband and mini-me by my side.  Love!


First Stars Game

I took Lexi to her first Stars game tonight. She didn't quite know what to think. It was really loud for her, but she enjoyed the National Anthem, the goal song, eating popcorn, and seeing daddy. It was a national televised broadcast tonight, so Jason got to come sit with us for a bit. It was a very nice surprise to sit with him during a hockey game! Lexi wanted to leave at the end of the first period. I was actually shocked she lasted that long!

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A little behind

Even though I forgot to write, I have felt very blessed of the last few days.  I have been working and I am so thankful Jason was home to be with Lexi.  We are so blessed to have so much family in town who is always willing to watch Lexi when I have to work, but Jason and Lexi enjoy spending time together too...just the two of them.  After I worked on Saturday morning, we took Lexi to the park.  At one point while we were all three swinging, Lexi said very happily, "We're swinging as a family!"  It made both Jason and I smile.  The weather was perfect for flying a kite.  It was overcast and extremely windy.  I am blessed that we were able to go to the park together as a family this weekend.  It was a great day because the three of us were together.  I am so blessed to have a sweet and loving family.
Lexi had such a great time.  She didn't want to leave.  She was sad, but we promised to bring her back with the kite and she smiled.

Lexi's first kite.

Enjoying the swing. 


Days 20 & 21

Day 20: Thankful for people who have integrity.  Last night I had dinner with a good friend.  We have not seen each other in 2.5 years.  She moved to San Antonio once she graduated with her PhD.  She teaches graduate classes at UTSA.  She is the type of friend who will never change.  She will always be sincere, caring, loving, and just a good friend.  She is not influenced by others, is sensitive, always has a positive attitude, and treats everyone with respect.  I hope I am this type of friend too.  Lexi, please strive to be like this.  It is so important to have integrity.  Your dad and I will model this behavior for you to see and hopefully emulate when you are older.

Day 21: My girl.  When I was younger I always wanted children.  Specifically, I wanted boys.  I could not really see myself with a girl.  Frankly, I was a bit scared of having a girl.  I was scared of my daughter growing up and hating me.  Now that I have a girl, I could not picture anything else.  God knew what he was doing when He gave me a girl.  Lexi is so girly-girl and I love it!  She sings, dances, cares about shoes and clothes, etc.  More importantly though, she has a loving and nurturing heart.  I can already tell she is going to be such a great mom when she is older.  I promise to continue to love, nurture, support, encourage, and talk to Lexi as she ages.  My goal is for us to turn into best friends when she is an adult.  We are already two peas in a pod, so as Lexi continues to age, I pray our love and friendship continues to grow.


Day 19

I have written about being thankful for my girlfriends already, but I would like to write specifically about my friend, Michelle.  Michelle and I were best friends in elementary school.  We ended up going to different middle and high schools so naturally, we drifted and each got new best friends.  Many years later we found each other on Facebook.  We decided to meet for lunch one day to talk about the past.  I was really nervous on the way to meet her.  What if we didn't really have anything to talk about?  What if we became two very different people?  There was a purpose and a reason why we found each other again.  What I didn't know on the way to meet Michelle or really even during lunch, is that God brought us back together again; not only to remember the past, but to build a future as close friends.  We had things in common as kids and have even more as adults.  Michelle and I only live 9 miles from each other.  Lexi and Michelle's oldest daughter are only 7 months apart.  Michelle is just as sweet, nurturing, and loving as she was in elementary school (and she still looks the same!).  She has the ability to make me laugh even when I am sad, makes me feel loved as a friend & a person, loves on Lexi like she is her own, and is one of the best listeners I have ever met.  I am so thankful for our friendship as little girls and our new friendship as adults that will last a lifetime.



Lexi and I had a great day today.  We did a lot and I am tired from it all!  So, as we were cleaning up before bedtime I told Lexi should could come to bed with me tonight.  She asked, "Really? Really?? Really???"  She was all smiles and so happy!  I love to give her little surprises like that!  It is also a gift to me because I LOVE snuggling with my Lexi Lou!  Hugs and kisses, baby girl.  I love you!

Day 18

Today I am thankful for laughter.  I was with a friend today who has been through a really tough time recently.  We went shopping with our daughters and we had a great time.  We told stories and laughed.  Our girls laughed together and we laughed with them.  Laughing makes the heart smile.  I hope I was able to help a friend today.


Love This Day

Ok, it doesn't matter what day it is, I love my life!  Today, I tried so hard to set up the perfect photo shoot for Lexi.  Well, with the wind and the bright sun it just didn't happen.  Instead, we got a photo shoot chasing balloons, a lot of iced cookie eating, and laughs.  I love this little girl!!!  We didn't get any good photos, but we had fun.  And you know what?  That's all that matters!!


Day 16

I'm thankful for the rain.  It nourishes the plants and flowers and makes them beautiful for the spring.  It has been raining and cold this whole weekend thus far.  I. Love. It.  It is perfect for a fire in the fireplace, a good book, and snuggle time on the couch with my two loves.  It makes me feel cozy and loved.  I love a rainy night (and day)!


This little girl makes me smile.

And that is my day 15.  Today has been filled with laughter, hugs, kisses, and smiles.  Jason is coming home from work early and Lexi is spending the night with MiMi & PawPaw while Jason and I have date night.  We are one blessed and lucky family! 


Day 14

Today I am thankful for the extra long shower I got this morning. Jason was home this morning so he took Lexi to school while I got ready. It was so nice to get some quiet time. Jason is the best husband. He knew exactly what I needed this morning. Again, today and everyday, I am blessed to have such a caring man for my husband. I am truly spoiled. :)
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Day 13

I am so thankful the second to last long road trip of the season is OVER! Lexi and I were so happy to see Jason step out of his car this evening. We enjoyed a home cooked meal at the dining room table tonight...all three of us. I love family time and family meals!

I'm not tired, Mom

Baby girl, one day you will beg and plead to be able to take a nap.  I really wish you understood and took advantage of it now, but I just can't seem to convince you!  I love your little yawns.  I love all of you!!


Who's that girl...

who has my whole heart?
Alexi Preston, that's who! 

Day 12

Today I am thankful for Apple.  Apple makes great technology.  Jason has been in Canada for almost a week and because of our iPads we were able to facetime with him!  Lexi gets a little shy when the conversation begins, but she quickly warms up and loves to talk and kiss him.  We love and miss him so much when he is traveling.  We are looking forward to the summer when he is home with us for a couple of months straight!!


Snuggle party

Lexi has been such a trooper this past week and I am so proud of her! She has spent many hours in the car and in the hospital visiting GiGi. Jason has been out of town for almost a week. So, to help us get through this tough week we decided to snuggle. I love to snuggle with my baby girl! Last night when we went to bed Lexi said, "you are the sweetest mommy ever" while she grabbed my cheeks and kissed my lips. Lexi, you sure do know how to melt your mama's heart. I just can't get enough of you and your sweetness!

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Day 11

Today was a hard day.  It was sad.  Today is the day we said goodbye to Aunt Sheila.  Her funeral was lovely.  She was loved by many and she will be missed terribly.  During her service Aunt Roseann spoke about how she was a great mom.  She and Alan wanted kids so bad, but had a difficult time conceiving. They went through many surgeries in order to have their sweet babies.  I don't know their whole story with trying to conceive and honestly, it doesn't matter.  I am thankful for the medicine, the doctors, and the technology we have that helps so many aching hearts with empty wombs be able to have sweet babies to hold and love.


Day 10

I am thankful for the nurses who have made my grandma feel special, better, and comfortable. They have a hard job, but have done a fabulous job with her!

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Day ?

I'm on my phone and I'm too tired to calculate or look up what day it is today. This morning I got a call from my mom saying she was taking grandma to the ER. She was really weak and was not getting better from a recent infection. Lexi and I packed up, got in the car, and drove to Houston. While we were driving we got the report that grandma has a very low sodium level and the beginning stages of pneumonia. With fluids and antibiotics she was gaining her strength back. When Lexi and I arrived she looked great! We were so pleased to see her look so good. She is still weak, but my mom and Kim said she has made drastic improvements!! We are extremely blessed and thankful for our family's health today. Grandma is 92 and is so strong!

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Day 8

Sometimes when life seems hard, sad, or stressful, I like to just stop for a moment and find something happy or peaceful. This evening, Lexi and I were driving home and we noticed the beautiful sunset. I stopped so we could take a picture on my phone. When I look at the sky and it looks like this, it makes me think of the loved ones we have lost and are now in Heaven. Instead of feeling sadness, I feel comfort they are in their forever home in the arms of Jesus. I'm thankful to have to ability to remember and the faith to feel comfort.

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