Day 19

I have written about being thankful for my girlfriends already, but I would like to write specifically about my friend, Michelle.  Michelle and I were best friends in elementary school.  We ended up going to different middle and high schools so naturally, we drifted and each got new best friends.  Many years later we found each other on Facebook.  We decided to meet for lunch one day to talk about the past.  I was really nervous on the way to meet her.  What if we didn't really have anything to talk about?  What if we became two very different people?  There was a purpose and a reason why we found each other again.  What I didn't know on the way to meet Michelle or really even during lunch, is that God brought us back together again; not only to remember the past, but to build a future as close friends.  We had things in common as kids and have even more as adults.  Michelle and I only live 9 miles from each other.  Lexi and Michelle's oldest daughter are only 7 months apart.  Michelle is just as sweet, nurturing, and loving as she was in elementary school (and she still looks the same!).  She has the ability to make me laugh even when I am sad, makes me feel loved as a friend & a person, loves on Lexi like she is her own, and is one of the best listeners I have ever met.  I am so thankful for our friendship as little girls and our new friendship as adults that will last a lifetime.

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