Funny stuff

Grandma Mike and Gigi came for a visit this past weekend.  One night while we were having dinner at the dinner table, Lexi said she needed to go poop.  I excused her and when she came back to the table she said, "I went like this (grunted and squeezed her fists) and the poop came out!"

Yesterday, Jason and I took Lexi to the park to play some softball.  While we were playing, Lexi noticed the playground equipment.  She asked if she could slide down the slide.  We told her no because the slide was too hot.  She replied, "I have a good idea.  We could go home and put some pants on and then come back and slide down the slide."  It was a good idea (and very cleaver) since she was wearing a skirt.  Jason and I just looked at each other and nodded applauding her 'good idea.'  We explained it was still too hot even with long pants on.

This morning we walked Jason out to his car for work.  As we were walking in Lexi said, "The cold is freezing me!"  I believe it was around 70 this morning.  True Texan girl.

Here are some photos from our softball outing: