the sweetest girl i know...

On Friday, Lexi had her school Christmas program.  Mimi joined us and after the program Mimi took Lexi home with her for the weekend.  Every year Mimi and Paw Paw take Lexi to "Winter Wonderland" in Grapevine.  This was their third year to go!  Lexi loves this tradition with her Mimi and Paw Paw!! 

Lexi was at Mimi and Paw Paw's all weekend.  I got a lot of sleep and stuff done for Christmas.  Lexi told me that Friday night when she went to bed she sang, "You are my Sunshine" because she missed me.  She also said while she was watching "Punky Brewster" on daddy's ipad she looked at my bridal portrait and cried because she missed me.  She said she hid her tears from Paw Paw (Mimi was at the store).  Those stories broke. my. heart.  I know she had a blast over there and can't wait to go back, but she loves so much that it physically hurts when she is away from us...just like our hearts physically hurt when she is away from us.  Lexi is the sweetest girl I know.  :)


love her!

i texted this picture...

To Jason while he is on the road.  His response, "beautiful."  Beautiful it is.  Her hair isn't perfect, she isn't smiling or posing, it's just beautiful because Lexi is beautiful inside and out.

this girl

Lexi is growing up so fast.  My friend Anne says she looks 25 in these pictures and I agree.  Lexi is beautiful, but is still a kid at heart.  Tonight Lexi and I went to dinner because Jason is on the road.  We sat in a booth and she wanted to sit next to me.  Christmas music was playing and she was singing her heart out and being as animated as ever.  She also hugged and kissed me multiple times.  During one big squeeze and kiss I noticed a group of 4 older ladies with festive sweaters on pointing and smiling at us.  Lexi puts so much JOY into so many hearts.  I just love this girl!!


why i blog...

I blog because I love Lexi.  I want her to look back at my words and know how much she was (is) loved every single day.  I don't know what tomorrow holds.  I don't know if I will be here tomorrow or in two days.  I write my blog because I love my daughter and I just want her to know that. :)


milk + cookies

Winter storm 2013 is on its way so we went to the grocery store to stock up!  We bought all the ingredients for 2 different kinds of cookies.  We made chocolate chip today and will make red velvet cookies tomorrow during the ice storm! 

mini me

Yesterday Lexi went with me to take pictures for a friend.  After the photo shoot we all went to dinner and saw, 'Frozen.'  Lexi and I LOVED the movie!!  It was so cute...I suspect we will go see it again before it leaves the theaters. :)

Here's my lil' second shooter:


home for the holidays

We are so thankful to be in our home for the holidays.  It is warm + cozy and filled with laughter + love.  Happy holidays!


give thanks

We had a great Thanksgiving in our new home this year!  Uncle Chip, Aunt Sarah, Preston and Grandma Mike all came from Houston to celebrate with us, Mimi, Paw Paw, Uncle Daniel and Aunt Kristi.  Mimi and Paw Paw were the first ones to arrive.  While we all gathered in the kitchen I noticed a fire on our dining room table.  I yelled, "FIRE!!" and ran!  I had some votive candles on the table as well as some fake leaves and the windows open...not a good combination.  Thankfully, we got the fire out fast!  That started the day a little bit on the crazy side, but it quickly became relaxing, fun, delicious, and perfect.  We were with most of the people we love, we had more than plenty of food and our home was warm.  While at dinner Lexi started the "Thankful" game.  She said she was thankful for me and Jason.  We all went around the table and expressed our love for each other.  Thanksgiving 2013 was simply delightful.

*I took out my camera this year, but still had a hard time remembering to take pictures!!  Maybe next year I will learn!!