Lexi loves to dance.  She especially loves The Fresh Beat Band.  It is a Nickelodeon show that has about 5 teenagers.  It is very similar to High School Musical.  She absolutely loves to watch this show!  She knows all the words to all the songs and is working on memorizing all the dance routines too.  She also started ballet and tap class three weeks ago.  She is warming up to it, but seems a little bit shy with a lot of people watching.  She listens very well to the teacher and follows all the directions!  I am so proud of her and I just love her in a leotard and tights!



The other day Lexi and I were shopping.  She picked up a baby doll and carried it around with her while we were shopping.  She also picked up about 20 necklaces and put them on and carried around a large (very large) pink purse.  When it was time to go I asked her to put everything away.  She put away the necklaces and she put away the purse without any problems.  I then asked her to put the baby back too.  She cradled the baby in her arms and snuggled with the baby's face and said, "But mom, the baby doesn't want to stay at the store."  I could tell by the way Lexi acted with this baby that she felt love and wanted to take care of this particular baby.  She is so loving and nurturing.  How could I say no to that sweet voice?  I didn't...we have a new baby.  Her name is Ten.



Lexi is just amazing!  We are in day 5 of the potty training.  Well, I guess I can rephrase that and say she has been potty trained for 5 days!  I think she was just ready, but it is still amazing to me that she has not had one accident!  She tells us now when she needs to go rather than having to ask her every 15 minutes.  We celebrated today by getting her nails done at a salon.  I have been waiting for us both to get our nails done at the same time until she is a little bit older.  After today though, I don't have to wait anymore!  She loved getting her arms massaged and her nails painted.  She sat so quietly and followed every direction. She totally amazed me!  She is growing up so, so fast!


Go Team Lexi!

So today was the big day...potty training day 1.  Lexi did great!  Last night we told her we were putting on her very last diaper.  We were going to leave the diapers on the front porch for baby Nixon to pick up (the same baby who picked up her milk cups).  In exchange for the diapers, baby Nixon would leave a present on the door step.  This morning when Lexi got up she said she had to go potty, which she did.  Then, she picked out the underwear she wanted to wear for the day.  After the first potty, we went to the door and found the present baby Nixon left for her.  She was excited to open a little Mini Mouse with snap on clothes.  Throughout the day, I would ask her if she needed to go potty.  Sometimes she did when I asked and sometimes she said no.  There were even sometimes that she would tell me when she needed to go when I didn't ask.  She went ALL day without any accidents!  She even went both ways in the potty!!  Throughout the day we had different prizes for encouragement and to keep us occupied since we were stuck in the house all day.  We baked cookies, and played Candy Land (her big prize for going #2).  She loves the game and I absolutely love the fact she is able to play a board game!  I can't wait for family game nights!!  There is one thing I must admit though, I am a little sad we are done with diapers.  Lexi has no more "baby" left.  She is a big girl now.  For real.  She even said the other day, "I'm sorry.  I'm growing up too fast.  I have to slow down a little bit."  I am so proud of her.  I really can't believe how fast time is flying by.  She is amazing.

*The title, "Go Team Lexi" comes from how we (Jason, Lexi, and me) high five each other and say, "Go Team!"

Cousin time

When we got back to Dallas, Kim, Jeff and the cousins were in Dallas.  One day we went bowling, the next day we went to the pool and then the boys spent the night with us.  Lexi LOVES her cousins!  She had so much fun playing with them and watching Rio before bed.  While they were here Lexi noticed none of them wear diapers.  She decided she didn't want to wear a diaper either since they didn't.  So, she took of her diaper and went potty in the potty chair 4 times!  Later that day when she hit pure exhaustion, she cried for a diaper.  I went ahead and put one on her, but let her know that potty training day one would be on Friday...

Anniversary trip to Lake Tahoe

Jason and I went to Lake Tahoe to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary.  We dropped Lexi off at Mimi and Paw Paw's house early Thursday morning.  Lexi did great at their house and loved having her there!  Jason and I picked her up late Monday night.  She was so sweet when she saw us.  She ran to each of us, hugged, kissed, and snuggled a lot.  As we were leaving their house Lexi told me, "I cried at the door when you left."  I knew she was a little sad, but she loves spending time with Mimi and Paw Paw so she did great!  We missed her SO much, but it was a great get-away for us.  Here are some of our pictures from the gorgeous lake.

We had a wonderful time, but it was so nice to get home to our baby girl.  We wanted to be with her every day we were gone and can't wait to take her on vacation with us next time!


We got Five back!!  The next day Lexi went to her friend Addie's house to play and I went back to the dance store.  I got there a couple minutes before it opened and I was so relieved to see Five in a basket of leotards in the window.  I was so happy to get him and surprise Lexi with him when I picked her up!