kindergarten boxcar parade

Well, everyone was healthy until Lexi got the flu and I got pneumonia.  Needless to say, it's been a rough week...BUT, we are better again and for the most part back to normal.  Jason, Lexi and I all worked together on this and we think it turned out great!  All the boxcars were unique and wonderful!  The parade was wonderful...it should have been televised!! 


catch up

Wow!  What a month!  We have been crazy busy lately with hockey and Christmas card photo session season here!  Jason and I have both been working a lot and Lexi had 5 birthday celebrations!  Lexi was off school for a week for Thanksgiving, plus the weekends before and after and the Friday before because she had strep throat.  I ended up with bronchitis, but we were still able to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Walsh gang.  Now everyone is healthy again and it is December.  Whew.  It's not going to get any quieter, but that is OK!  We are busy and blessed this year!! 



I woke lexi up this morning by singing her "happy birthday." She told me "not yet" and rolled over. Once I got her out of bed I surprised her with candles in a pumpkin loaf. Shortly after that we were off to school! I'm going to bring her warm Mac and cheese for lunch because the cold front came in last night and it is freezing!! When we got to school Mrs. De had decorated for Lexi's special day. I'm so very thankful we have a teacher who will love on Lexi extra special today!!


Q&A the night before lexi turns six

Lexi's favorite:
Song: "You are my Sunshine"
Season: Winter
Movie: "Frozen"
Show: "Peppa Pig"
Vegetable: Peas *Note: She will eat all vegetables except sweet potatoes.  She eats green veggies (except peas) with her hands.  Not sure why, but I don't redirect since she loves them!!
Candy: Skittles
Color: Rainbow (pink mostly)
Sport: Ballet
Thing to do with daddy: Play golf
Thing to do with mommy: Be at home and snuggle
Restaurant: Market Street (salad bar and eat outside)
Holiday: Christmas

What do you want to be when you grow up? A photographer and a mom.
How many kids do you want?  One.
Girl or boy and name?  Girl.  Alice Marie.
Where do you want to go on our next vacation?  The beach.
Do you know how much I love you?  Yes I do, but I love you more.


lexi is six (well in 24 hours).

Five was hard for me.  Five was a milestone.  It was the year she would start kindergarten and be with someone else more hours in the week than she was with me.  Well, six is hard for me.  Six is a milestone also.  Every birthday is.  Even though she has technically been closer to 10 than a newborn for a half a year, it's just obvious now when I say "Six." 

Even though Lexi is growing up too fast, she is still my baby.  She will still snuggle, hug, kiss, sing "You are my Sunshine" with me, and let me squeeze her in front of her friends.  I know this will all go away much too soon, but instead of thinking about that I will let my heart be full with the blessings she gives me on this day.

In six short years Lexi has developed a passion and zest for life and all things in it.  Her kindergarten teacher says she always gives 100% and I couldn't agree more.  Lexi has spirit and I don't mean the ra ra kind (although she has a ton of that too).  She has the Holy Spirit in her soul.  Of all things Lexi does well, this makes me the proudest.  She loves Jesus and it shows through her actions and words.  She cares, nurtures and is kind to all.  Her heart is beautiful and gentle.  She treats others how she wants to be treated.  She has a brain that can comprehend the unknown because she has faith. She amazes me and I thank God for choosing me to be her mom countless times a day.

 *Photos by Zoe D. Photography.



our elsa

This year for Halloween, Lexi was Elsa...shocking.  She had a blast getting all dressed up for the big night.  We went to Erika and Brandon's party and it was incredible!  There were a ton of kids and they all ran from house to house together gathering treats.  Lexi made a beautiful and very sweet Elsa.


our Emmy award winning producer...

Won his 4th Emmy Saturday night for the Retiring 9 ceremony. I knew while I watched it live that Jason was going to earn an Emmy for all his hard work and creativity. Lexi and I are so proud!! 



Yay for another Friday eve!!  This morning I woke up at 4 am and wasn't able to fall back asleep.  Jason took Lexi to school for me so I could "sleep" a little this morning.  I wasn't able to sleep, but I rested.  Jason got Lexi ready very quietly and they walked out the front door without me even hearing them.  I wasn't asleep, but since Jason thought I was he told Lexi that I wasn't able to re-braid her hair before school (I french braid it every night after bath and then re-braid it in the morning so it looks nice).  Well, when Jason got home from taking Lexi to school he told me she had big crocodile tears rolling down her face when he told her no.  I was thankful they let me rest, but I was sad I didn't get to say goodbye. 

So, since Lexi and I were both sad this morning I decided to surprise her at school today.  After the gym I picked up a pumpkin bread from Starbucks and brought it to her at lunch.  When I arrived in the lunchroom she was in the restroom washing her hands.  When she saw me she ran up to me and gave me the biggest and longest hug EVER!!  She was so delighted with the surprise and I was thrilled I had the idea to visit her.  She gave me several hugs and held my hand during our 30 minute visit.  While I was there I asked if she wanted me to re-braid her hair and she said no, but before lunch ended she changed her mind. 

I'm so happy it's almost the weekend!!  Tomorrow the elementary school has their harvest hoe down so I'll get to see her again during a school day!! 

*tgife insta pic. so happy it's time to snuggle and tomorrow is friday!!!!! 


there's more

After school and the glowing report card, Lexi enthusiastically asked to help me do laundry.  While I made dinner Lexi made her lunch for tomorrow.  During dinner Lexi ate her broccoli first and then asked for more while she gave me a hug.  I'm baffled God chose me to be her mom.  I'm beyond blessed and forever thankful for this girl.

first report card

Lexi brought home her very first report card today.  I had just had the scheduled parent/teacher conference so I knew she was doing well, but as I pulled the report card from the sleeve I had a few butterflies like I used to when I was in school.  Lexi's marks were fantastic and I was extremely impressed at how thorough the report card is formated/graded.  The report has six categories and specific evaluations within.  The sections include: reading, writing, math, enrichment (art, science, social studies, computer, music, PE, Spanish), behavior/work habits, and spiritual.  As we went over the report after school Lexi lit up.  Jason and I are over the moon proud of Lexi's growth and development this year.  We LOVE Lexi's school and her awesome teacher!! 



Lexi and I were looking through my old Instagram pics tonight. I love every picture of Lexi, but these are some of my absolute favorites!!



parent-teacher conference

This morning I had a parent-teacher conference with Mrs. De.  It was a planned conference, but it still made me a tad bit anxious.  I KNOW Lexi is a great child/student.  She is smart, friendly, and she loves school, but what if she acted totally different at school?  Well, she doesn't.  Mrs. De sang praises about Lexi.  She is doing very well academically and socially.  I had tears in my eyes as Mrs. De talked about our sweet girl.  Mrs. De described Lexi as a leader, but not bossy, a friend, a care giver, and she always, always gives 100%.  We have to work on her confidence with reading, but Mrs. De said she is above average and is very proud of her.  Kindergarten is simply the best and we are blessed with an awesome school and incredible teacher!!


nice try

The other day Lexi asked if she could have a particular item in her lunch sometime. It's not a healthy food so I explained how it is my job to buy and prepare food for her that is healthy.  She looked away for a second and then turned to me and asked, "well then can daddy buy it for me?"


lexi...the little teacher

Ever since kindergarten has started our conversations at home have changed.  Most conversations with Lexi go a little like this:

Lexi: "After dinner I would like to have da, da, da.  Da, da, da.  Do you know what I might say next (as she raises her eyebrows and points to her mouth)?"

Me: "Dessert?"

Lexi: In a surprised and elated voice, "Yes!!  You got it!!  Dessert begins with 'd' and ends with 't.'  Way to go!!!"

This girl.  Oh she cracks me up!!



One of my new favorite days of the week is Thursday because that means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!  This morning after I dropped off Lexi I went to the gym and then Trader Joe's.  I picked up a ton of fresh ingredients to make Paleo crock pot chili, a harvest salad, and some pumpkin cornbread for Jason and Lexi (I'll have to try a little bit of course because it smells amazing).  After school today we have a play date with the Harmons and then we will come home and dinner will be done, we will give Lexi a bath, go to bed, and then wake up to Friday!!  Tomorrow is POP homecoming (yay! goooooooo eagles!!) so I'm going to go to the pep rally in the afternoon and then we will enjoy the Friday night lights with Lexi and her kindergarten friends.  I'm so glad it is Friday eve and that dinner is already done for tonight and tomorrow!!


everything i need to know...

They say, everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten.  We are about 6 weeks into kindergarten and Lexi has already started to truly blossom.  She amazed us before kinder, but she has grown so much academically, emotionally, and spiritually in 6 short weeks.  Just a few examples:

Lexi's artwork was cute last year, this year it is incredible.  She can picture something in her head and then draw or paint it on paper (and we know what it is without "hints").

Her "kindergarten" handwriting is precious.  They are learning D'Nealian.  It is characterized by a slant and "cattails" that help with the transition to cursive.  Lexi loves her some cattails!!

Last year Lexi wanted to be a teacher.  This year she wants to create, develop, and run a school.  Last year Lexi wanted to be a contestant on "The Voice," this year, Lexi wants to be a judge.  I'm seeing a pattern here and I like it.  :)

Lexi's manners are finally being vocalized almost all the time without us having to remind her!!  This is HUGE.  We have never understood how she could remember the smallest detail about an event when she was 3, but would forget to say "please" when asking for something.

Lexi has now admitted about 3 times that she is indeed tired.  Now don't get me wrong, Lexi still wants to stay up all night, but admitting she is tired is something I thought I would never hear from our girl.

This year is flying by, but I guessed right...it is one of my very favorite seasons.  Life is good.



Tonight at dinner Lexi randomly said, "Mom, you're more than a mom.  You're a superhero." 

My heart stopped.  I smiled ear to ear and gave her a giant hug.  Right after I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget to blog it.  I hope I'm still her superhero when she is 18.  ;)


these two...

My world.  My heart.  My loves. 


tgife week 3

Today hasn't been as wonderful as last week.  I woke up at 3 AM and wasn't able to fall back asleep.  Jason took Lexi to school this morning so I could get some rest.  I rested, but didn't sleep.  Instead, I felt sad and guilty that I didn't get up with Lexi this morning and help her get ready for school.  Jason did and of course that is fine, but I missed walking her into school.  I miss Lexi terribly today and I can't wait for the clock to hit 3:00.  To celebrate this Friday Eve and since it is almost September I'm going to take Lexi to Hobby Lobby after school for some Christmas tree ornament shopping!!  I *might* even pick up a caffeine free PSL.  :)


tgife week 2

Thank goodness it's Friday eve week 2!!  Today has been pretty perfect.  I dropped Lexi off this morning and went straight to Target.  I was there ALL BY MYSELF.  Literally.  No one else was shopping at 8 AM and it was amazing!!  The only thing that would have made it better is if I had a PSL.  ;)  After Target I went to the gym and had an awesome workout.  Once I got home I got in the pool for a few minutes, took a shower and then took a NAP!!  I slept for 20 minutes and it was glorious.  I am now sipping tea and just finished my second paleo cookie of the day.  As perfect as this Thursday has been I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday.  Today has been pretty spectacular, but it won't even compare to the greatness of this upcoming Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.   I'm jumping out of my skin excited to have my mini me home for a couple of days straight!!



The days leading up to kindergarten were hard.  Ok, I'll be honest...the 2 weeks before were really, really rough for me.  So rough that I didn't sleep.  At all.  Maybe 2 or 3 hours a night if I was lucky.  I even had to go to the doctor to get a prescription sleep aid.  I wasn't anxious about Lexi being nervous because she wasn't.  She has been nothing but excited about school.  I'm happy with the school we have chosen for Lexi's education, I just feared the unknown.  What would this new normal look like?

The night before kindergarten we read Lexi a lot of stories about kindergarten that were given to her from the Harmon's, the Jeffery cousins, Grandma Mike, and the Lee's.  Lexi felt so loved and special with all the gifts she received to help celebrate this milestone.

Going to bed that night I was at peace with this new chapter beginning in our lives.  On Monday (the day before the first day of school) we invited two of Lexi's best friends (Addie and Lucia) over for a swim play date.  The girls had a wonderful time and while we were walking them out Michelle and I were talking about how strange it is that our 2 babies are going to kindergarten already.  Michelle also stated that we are extremely blessed that our children are well enough to go to school.  Michelle mentioned that someone she knows is currently sitting by the bedside of her three year old daughter on hospice.  I thank God every single day for Lexi's health and ours, but this really put things into perspective for me.  We are incredibly blessed to be able to send our healthy daughter to kindergarten and for this I am grateful.

On Tuesday, August 12th we woke up bright and early for the big day.  Jason took the day off and we all piled in his truck and headed to POP.  When we pulled into the parking lot I teared up a little bit, but I tried to hide my emotions from Lexi.  The campus was buzzing with first day of school excitement and anticipation.  The kids were smiling, backpacks and shoes were shiny, and binders were filling lockers.  This made me smile.  Every student was happy and excited about the first day, including Lexi.  We walked Lexi into Mrs. De's classroom and she was ready to go (and for us to go also)!

Jason and I spent the day together to celebrate our 9th anniversary.  We had a great time, but the day moved a little slow.  We were so anxious to see Miss Lexi after the first day that we arrived at school 45 minutes before the bell rang!  Once 3:15 hit the clock we were in the car rider line to pick her up!!  Lexi said she had a great day and was excited to go back on Wednesday!  She loved her teacher and having two of her friends in class from last year. She also mentioned she hasn't learned anything though and everything they have said she already knows. Maybe we should give it more than a couple of days before they start teaching you history and literature, sweet girl.  ;)

Today is day 3 of kinder and it certainly does not feel normal yet.  This morning I dropped Lexi off in the car rider line instead of walking her in and I've had nothing but mommy guilt this whole morning. We hugged and kissed before she got out of the car and before the door shut she just looked at me and said, "I love you, mom."  I had to drive away as she walked into the school by herself (teachers are there at the car rider line and throughout the hallways).  This was the first day EVER that Lexi walked alone without me to her classroom.  Each school day from MDO to PK Lexi and I have held hands and squeezed 3 times for "I love you" while walking.  I'm so sad we didn't feel our squeezes this morning.  I keep checking my email to see if there is a note from the teacher about her being sad.  I pray she wasn't sad that I didn't walk her to her classroom.  Oh, it would break my heart if she was sad or nervous walking down the hall before school.  It is only 10:15 am and I have to wait 5 more hours to check on her.  THIS is the not normal part.  We are still getting used to waking up before sunrise, but setting an alarm 5 days a week is normal.  I guess it is also normal for school aged children to be with their teachers for more hours of the day than with their parents.  I don't think I will ever get used to this "normal."  For 5.75 years I have been within arms reach of Lexi.  Last night Lexi and I were snuggling and at 3:30 am she woke up and asked if we could snuggle tighter.  She wrapped both of her arms around me and put her face next to mine.  I was hot and not in the most comfortable position, but that didn't matter.  I wanted her to feel loved and comforted.  She knows she can always come to me because I have always been with her.  We have shared every emotion together and it's my job to always make her feel loved unconditionally.  I wish I could be with her right now to make sure she knows how much I love her.  I pray this day goes fast and I pray for all the moms and dads who have to wait longer than just a few short hours to see their children again.  Being apart from Lexi is difficult, but I am thankful I will hug + kiss and play Barbie dream house (my least favorite thing to play, but I will play with bells on today) with her soon.

*When I picked Lexi up this afternoon she was all smiles!  She had another great day and asked to do the car rider line tomorrow morning!!  She was not upset or sad at all!  I am so incredibly relieved!!!!! I did ask if I could still walk her in some mornings and she said yes.  My heart is so full and happy right now!!


luke's baptism

Baby Luke was baptized at St. Ann's on Saturday, August 2, 2014.  Jason is his godfather and Aunt Sarah is his godmother.  We spent the day with family celebrating Luke's blessed day!


Lexi, girlfriends are so incredibly important.  They will lift you up when you are down and they will be your biggest cheerleaders throughout life.  Keep them close and treat them well.

aunt sarah and soon to be uncle john!

Aunt Sarah and John are engaged to be MARRIED!!  We are over the moon excited for them and can't wait for John to be another awesome uncle to Lexi!!  Hopefully we will hear details of the big day soon, but for now we will help them celebrate their engagement.  Congratulations to "my Aunt Sarah" and soon-to-be Uncle John!!

tiny dancer

Lexi started ballet with her friend Lucia yesterday.  The girls were absolutely precious during class.  I'm excited about this school.  It is a real ballet studio with real ballerinas all over (they seem like real princesses to me and Lexi)!  After class I asked Lexi if she liked it and she responded, "I loved it." 


fall in july

We are experiencing very low temps for July for the 2nd time this summer!!  Lexi had a play date scheduled today, but our friends had to cancel.  Lexi was really, really bummed so I suggested we bake cookies since it is "cool" and overcast today.  I love to cook, but I don't really like to bake so I knew this would be a treat for her.  While we were baking she said this was the best day ever!!  I'm so happy I was able to turn her frown upside down!!

P.S.  Obviously I'm feeling a bit black + white lately!!

sweet ballerina

The other night before bed I watched a performance of a lifetime.  Lexi brought me upstairs for my own private showing of her impromptu ballet number.  She poured her big heart and soul into the act.  She is so passionate about every thing she does and I just love that about her!


little luke

Last week Lexi and I watched Luke for a couple of hours while Kristi enjoyed some time to herself.  We love our little Luke man!!

this little light of mine...

I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine all the time!!  Never, ever forget to let your light shine, sweet Lexi. 


daddy/daughter day

Yesterday I had an adult girl pool day and Jason and Lexi had a day together.  They started their day off with donuts and chocolate milk for Lexi and Starbucks for Jason (they brought one home for me also).  They later had PB&J at Pot Belly, chipped balls at Golfsmith (the original plan was for Jason to take Lexi golfing at a course, but it was smoking hot outside!), and then ice skating at the Galleria.  They had so much fun together and sent me a couple of pictures of their day!!


...in the whole wide world.

Yesterday morning Lexi woke up in our bed, put her arm around my neck, kissed me on the head and said in her sleepy, whispering voice, "You're the best mom in the whole wide world." 

Be still my heart.


lexi's silhouette

I adore Lexi's silhouette.  Her little nose and lips look exactly how they did 6 years ago in our sonograms.  I still can't believe God chose me to be her mom.  I am in love with every little piece of her!!


father's day 2014

Father's Day 2014 marks the 21st father's day without my dad.  Each year is a little hard.  I think of him often, but significant days are always a little bit rougher.  I am very thankful and blessed to have Paw Paw though.  He has cared for me as his own for over 9 years now.  I admire, trust, and love him as my own dad.  He is also (hands down) the very best Paw Paw.  Lexi and Paw Paw have the sweetest relationship.  The simply adore each other.

We celebrated Paw Paw, Uncle Daniel and Jason at Mimi and Paw Paw's house on Saturday.  We ate, swam, told stories, and had fun.  We got to snuggle our favorite baby too!  I can't wait to see Lexi and Luke grow up together.  Cousins are like siblings and we are fortunate to live so close to each other.

On Sunday we spent the whole day celebrating DAD!  Lexi and Jason usually go get donuts on Sunday mornings, but this Sunday Lexi and I went while Jason slept in.  We picked up a buffet of sweet treats and Starbucks for the man of the day.  After breakfast we went to Ruibal's and picked out some flowers for the front yard and stuff for lunch.  We spent the rest of the afternoon in our pool and Jason made a delicious steak for dinner.  It was low key and a perfect day together.  Lexi loves her dad so much and she spent the entire day telling him so.  Lexi hit the jackpot in the Dad department (as did I in the husband department)!!  We are truly blessed to call him ours.

  (Lexi and Jason last summer in CA).