Our Room!

Can I just say I have the BEST husband EVER!!  He has been working non-stop and not getting a lot of sleep because work is so busy, but when he saw the new blinds and curtains had arrived today, he hung them up for me and did not complain once!  I feel like our room is finally put together.  Thank you, hubs!


A big storm

This morning around 5 AM we all woke up from loud thunder and lightening.  Lexi was snuggling with us with her hands covering her ears.  She saw the lightening through our bathroom skylight and asked why the bathroom lights were going on and off.  I told her it was God taking pictures.  She said, "God really likes your bathroom.  I bet he wants one just like it!" We snuggled and talked and eventually fell back to sleep together.  I love Lexi's sleepy talk.  Here's a picture I snapped of her yesterday.  She was so tired from the Memorial Day weekend we had with Grandma Mike, The Lee's, The Hodges' and her first recital!  We had a blast with it all!


Wildflowers Workshop

I just got back from the most amazing photography workshop ever!  It was more than learning camera equipment, lighting, and editing.  It was a group of 20 amazing women from around the US.  There is so much I learned and took away from the past couple of days.  Much more than I ever imagined I would and trust me, my expectations were HIGH.  Women are incredible beings.  I roomed with a clone of one of my best friends.  We clicked.  I was inspired by a 22 year old and to me she was a "baby."  We stayed up talking and shared beds with each other.  Before the retreat we only knew each others names.  It was peaceful.  It was magical.  I am a new person because the past three days.  There is so much I want to share and I do plan to, but right now I have to sign off and do my job...be a mother to an incredible little girl that I want to help develop and mold into a fascinating woman.  Joy Prouty, the facilitator of the workshop shared this video and made me cry.  I want Lexi to see this when she is older and know this is how I feel about her:



One month

One month ago today was our last full day with GiGi.  On April 19, 2012 at 8:55 pm, GiGi went home.  She now has a new birthday, her birthday into heaven.  GiGi lit up a room with her gentle smile and loving touch.  We will always remember and think of GiGi, but every time I see a rainbow I will know it is GiGi looking down from heaven smiling on us.
I snapped this picture on our way to Houston for Mother's day.  It was amazing and it made me smile.


Mother's Day 2012

This Mother's Day we went to Houston to celebrate and see family.  We drove down through a ton of rain on Friday afternoon/evening.  Once we arrived in Houston we were wiped out!  On Saturday, we went to lunch and did some shopping with Grandma Mike.  That evening, we went to dinner with Aunt Kim, Uncle Jeff, Cooper, Jackson, and Brady.  After dinner we all went back to Grandma Mike's house for some more quality family time.  On Sunday, mom and I went to church and then we picked up Kim and the three of us went to visit Grandma's burial site.  Later that day the Lee's came back to Grandma Mike's house.  Uncle Jeff and Jason played baseball with the kids while Kim, Mom, and I make Grandma's German potato salad, a cake, and fruit salad.  The men grilled brats and hotdogs on the grill after baseball.  We all hung out and had a great time.  I'm so thankful for my mom, my mother-in-law, my sister and sister-in-law for making me an aunt, and for my sweet Lexi who calls me mom.  I love you all!



Lexi: "Mom, can we go on an airplane today?"

Me: "Well, not today, but hopefully soon. Where would you like to fly to on an airplane?"

Lexi, "I know! Maybe Italy or Lubbock!"

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Barking Andie

Andie was barking and I told her to stop. Lexi said, "Mom, Andie is barking because she is scared. Afraid. Terrified." That just made me laugh.

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