Wildflowers Workshop

I just got back from the most amazing photography workshop ever!  It was more than learning camera equipment, lighting, and editing.  It was a group of 20 amazing women from around the US.  There is so much I learned and took away from the past couple of days.  Much more than I ever imagined I would and trust me, my expectations were HIGH.  Women are incredible beings.  I roomed with a clone of one of my best friends.  We clicked.  I was inspired by a 22 year old and to me she was a "baby."  We stayed up talking and shared beds with each other.  Before the retreat we only knew each others names.  It was peaceful.  It was magical.  I am a new person because the past three days.  There is so much I want to share and I do plan to, but right now I have to sign off and do my job...be a mother to an incredible little girl that I want to help develop and mold into a fascinating woman.  Joy Prouty, the facilitator of the workshop shared this video and made me cry.  I want Lexi to see this when she is older and know this is how I feel about her:


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