The milk I bought today has an expiration date of 11.11.10. Two years ago I loved seeing things like this or movie advertisements where the movie premiered after Lexi's birthday.  I loved it because I was excited. I was so anxious to hold her in my arms.  I just wanted to fast forward to 11.11.08.

Two years later it is a different story.  Tears filled my eyes as I saw the date on the milk carton today.  Lexi was in Mother's Day Out while I was shopping.  I felt the need just like I did two years ago to hold her in my arms.  When I picked her up from school today she was eating fruit snacks from their fall festival.  Fruit snacks.  Where did the time go?  How is my baby able to understand Halloween, say "Trick or treat" and eat fruit snacks?  

I have been looking at Lexi's photos from the past 2 years. I remember each phase and stage, but I wish I could have a vault of all her smells, noises, and the way she felt when I held her.  Looking at the toothless smiles and the almost bald head remind me of the times I said I couldn't wait.  I couldn't wait to put her hair in pig tails, I couldn't wait for her first tooth.  I realized today when starring at the milk that it does go by too fast, just like everyone says.  Her first birthday seems like yesterday.  7:04 PM on 11.11.08 seems like just two days ago.  



Today was one of those days.  Just a typical Tuesday, but a day I absolutely loved because of Lexi's bright smile and contagious laugh.  When I picked Lexi up from school today she was in a great mood.  We hugged and kissed a lot throughout the afternoon, laughed a ton, played and danced. I love her more than words can express.  I can't wait for more happiness with her tomorrow!


Mom and Daughter day

Last Wednesday Lexi and I enjoyed the outdoors together.  The weather was beautiful and the colors of the trees are beginning to change.  I love fall!


Our Family

Me: "Lexi, who is in our family?"
Lexi: "Mama, Dada, Wexi, Dee Dee Dog, Nine and Big Elmo!"


Saturday Night

My Saturday night consisted of putting a sleepy baby girl to bed at 8, cleaning up toys, making chocolate chip cookies, watching the Stars, and carving my first pumpkin.   I can't wait to show Lexi tomorrow...I hope she loves it!  I love her and I love my life!


A whole lot of catching up to do!

Wow, I haven't posted since October 1st...

I feel overwhelmed with how much has happened, but since I didn't make a list I can't seem to think of much blog worthy...EXCEPT...

Daniel asked Kristi to be his wife and she said, YES!  We are getting a new member of the family next July!  To be honest, Kristi already feels like a member of the family, but we will celebrate with them, cry tears of joy with them, and help bless their marriage on July 9, 2011.  Lexi will gain another wonderful Aunt and Jason and I will be honored to call Kristi our sister.  She is truly one of the sweetest people we have ever met.  Congratulations, Daniel (aka Uncle Do Do) and Kristi (aka Aunt Krissy).  We love you both!

The other blog worthy event is Grandma Mike's 65th birthday tomorrow!  Since it is a "big," "big" meaning significant, not large in number; Kim and I took Mom to Chicago to celebrate.  Mom had a reunion on Friday night and the only way we could get her to go was to book the trip for her.  We of course did not want her to go alone, so Kim and I joined her!  Mom went to the reunion with a friend while Kim and I spent some quality and much needed sister time together.  After the reunion Mom joined us and the three of us were together the rest of the weekend and had a blast!  It was the first time and certainly not the last time, we all took a trip together.  Daughters need their mothers, and mothers need their daughters.  This weekend proved this to be true.  We laughed, relaxed, talked, ate (a lot), and enjoyed every single minute of it.  It was trip I will never forget.  I love you, Mom.  Happy Birthday! 

Since the 2010-2011 is officially here, Jason was in New Jersey and in New York while I was in Chicago.  Lexi stayed in Dallas with Mimi and Paw Paw.  She once again had a blast with them and had a fun and busy weekend.  Thank you Mimi and Paw Paw for taking such great care of our baby girl (and Andie Ann)!  


Boots and Tutu's...

You just can't go wrong with this combination.  Love it!