A Fun Little Saturday

We had a wonderful Saturday.  First, Lexi and I went to Ava's first birthday party.  Lexi had so much fun at the party.  At one point, she grabbed a diaper out of my purse, went to the middle of the room, and laid on the ground with her legs in the air.  She also danced without any music playing, and picked up trash in the room.

Saturday evening we met the Ratcliff's at a pizza place in Allen.  After dinner we headed outside to play and listen to the live music.  We all had a blast.  The kids ran around, played on duck statues, and Lexi kissed a little girl on the lips...twice.  She is so lovable!

After the music festival the Ratcliff's came over to our house for some extra playtime.  The kids took a bath and Caleb borrowed some of Lexi's pj's.  Keep in mind, pink is just a color.  Caleb looked adorable!

Here's a slideshow of pictures:


18 Months Old!

Lexi turned 18 months on the 11th of May.  I can't believe a year and a half has already gone by.  Lexi still amazes us daily, is learning new things all the time, and is precious as ever.  She makes us laugh all the time too.  She truly is the apple of our eyes.

Lexi went to her 18 month well check the other day and did great!  She is 32 inches and weighs 25 pounds.  She is in the 50th-75% for both.  Doctors estimate grown height by doubling the child's height when she is two years old.  Based on this theory, Lexi will be taller than 5'3".

During the appointment we filled out a form that listed all of the milestones she should have reached by 18th months.  Not only did she meet all of the 18 month milestones, she also met all of the two year old milestones!  One of the two year old milestones is saying 30-50 words.  At first we thought she was close to 30, but then all her words started coming to us and we were pretty sure she made the cut!  Since I am anal I have started another word list:

apple, all, ball, bumper, bye, bird, blue, baby, bop, bus, big, cat, cup, dog, done, dear, door, duck, elmo, eye, fish, fan, go, good, girl, hop, hi, hat, hot, hockey, hush, help, light, no, nope, more, milk, oh, owl, plane, please, row, right, there, truck, trash, tree, up, where, yeah.

I'm sure I have forgotten some words, but the point is...we were truthful.  The vocabulary boom is here and it is so much fun!  We love Lexi's 'made up' words as well.  My favorite word though is, "thank you."  She can't say it, but she signs it by blowing a kiss!


Fun Photos!

Busy Bees

Lexi is known as the "Busy Bee" in our house, but lately we have all been busy bees.  I haven't had a chance to blog in awhile, so I thought I would make a list of Lexi's favorite things...

1.  She LOVES stickers!  If you let her, she will have a shirt full of stickers.
2.  She LOVES to read.  She will pick out a book, sit on our laps and just listen to us read.  She will also "read" and make up her own story.
3.  She LOVES "rash" (trash).  She now has a Lexi sized trash can in our entry way.  She will walk around the house and pick up "rash" that we put on the ground for her to find.  It's like hunting for Easter Eggs everyday!
4.  Lexi's new favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus."  She will do the hand motions with a BIG smile on her face while the song is playing.
5.  Lexi LOVES to point out trucks and school busses.
6.  My new favorite word of Lexi's is, "Peas" (please).  She knows the appropriate time to say please, but she doesn't understand that just because she says, "Peas" she may not get what she wants.
7.  Lexi LOVES to hide.  She'll crawl into our built in cubby holes and think we have no idea where she is.  I think the cutest part is her leg sticking out.
8.  Lexi thinks it is hysterical if I say, "Ouch."
9.  Lexi still LOVES Barney.
10. Lexi LOVES to go on walks.  She'll take my hand and Jason's hand, walk us to the door, and say, "Peas."

She is busy, she keeps us busy, and we LOVE her so much!  Our days are filled with so much laughter because of her.  She is absolutely the cutest thing we have ever laid eyes on!