A Fun Little Saturday

We had a wonderful Saturday.  First, Lexi and I went to Ava's first birthday party.  Lexi had so much fun at the party.  At one point, she grabbed a diaper out of my purse, went to the middle of the room, and laid on the ground with her legs in the air.  She also danced without any music playing, and picked up trash in the room.

Saturday evening we met the Ratcliff's at a pizza place in Allen.  After dinner we headed outside to play and listen to the live music.  We all had a blast.  The kids ran around, played on duck statues, and Lexi kissed a little girl on the lips...twice.  She is so lovable!

After the music festival the Ratcliff's came over to our house for some extra playtime.  The kids took a bath and Caleb borrowed some of Lexi's pj's.  Keep in mind, pink is just a color.  Caleb looked adorable!

Here's a slideshow of pictures:

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