Anthro girl

When I ask Lexi, "What's our favorite store?"  She replies with a little ring, "Anthro-pol-o-gie!"  So today, we went on a field trip there with a birthday gift card from Daniel and Kristi (I got some wicked orange pants and an adorable top).  Lexi wore the perfect little "Anthro" looking dress today too so I had to snap a picture.  We'll be back with the same dress on for an official photo shoot before the shopping center opens. :)

Day 7

I am so incredibly thankful to be a mom.  Lexi's face melts my heart.  Last night I saw Kristi's mom hug her for no reason at all.  I had a flash forward moment and pictured me doing that to Lexi when she is an adult. My love for Lexi will always continue to grow.  I may not get to hug Lexi everyday when she is older, but I  will remember all the nights she fell asleep on my chest, all the times she asked to snuggle with me, and all the random hugs and kisses we gave each other.  I will never forget these moments.  I am so blessed to be a mom.  I am so blessed to have Lexi as my daughter.  I love you, Lexi Lou!

Day 6

I wanted to post last night, but I was oh so tired and relaxed!  I had a wonderful night with Kristi, Kristi's mom, Rose Ann, and Sarah.  We were pampered because Kristi won a spa package and invited us to join her.  While I was there (and all the time) I am thankful for the family I married into.  They are fun, loving, nurturing, inviting, and so much more.  I love the time we get to spend together...I just wish we had more time together.


Day 5

I fell in love with the right guy. For so many reasons, for so many feelings, I am truly blessed and extremely lucky to have the most amazing husband and father for me and Alexi. We laugh together, we snuggle, we debate, we tease each other, we put each other first, we love, we have the best life together, we are lucky we found each other, and we realize that. Each day we have together we think of as a gift. I pray Lexi, that you find a man like your father when you are older. Jason continues to amaze me as a husband all the time. He loves to love. He lives to love and I love him for everything that he is and everything he is going to be. I don't know how our lives will get better together than they are right now, but I know it will.

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Day 4

Today I am thankful and very extremely blessed to have my friends. I have a handful of best girl friends and I love and adore each one of them. We laugh together, pray for each other, cry on each other's shoulders, and have fun together. My wish for Lexi is to find as good of girl friends as I have. Lexi, please make sure you surround yourself with positive, fun, nurturing, and selfless friends. You will need to be a best friend as well. Always keep your friends' feelings in mind, take care of them, and support them. If you are a good friend, you will receive good friends. Good girl friends are a gift. Don't take them for granted.

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Day 3

Today I am thankful for the blessing of Jason's job.  It is tough at times; like this week with Lexi having pneumonia and him working all night on my birthday, but we are beyond blessed that he has a job, and it's a job he loves.  Because of Jason's job I am able to raise Lexi while working from home.  We are blessed!


Lent ~ 40 days of blessings

This year for Lent I decided to spend 40 days focusing on our blessings. To do this, I am going to write our blessings on our family blog for Lent.  These will not be an any particular order.  I will just write what I am feeling at the time that I sit at the computer.  :)

Day 1 (Ash Wednesday): I feel extremely blessed to have a knowledgeable, kind, caring, and proactive doctor for Lexi. She comforted me and Lexi and prescribed the perfect medications for Lexi to overcome pneumonia.

*I originally wrote this post this morning.  At 5:00 today a nurse from the doctor's office called to check on Lexi!

Day 2: This morning I am counting my blessings and I am thankful for the feeling of comfort.  While Lexi has been sick the only thing that I can really do to make her feel better is to comfort her.  For several days now Lexi has been sleeping on my chest.  I wish and pray that I could take her fever and cough away, but since I can't, all I can do is comfort her when she is feeling bad.  I know she feels loved when she is held.  When she sleeps on me she is actually comforting me too.  It makes me feel loved as well.  I am blessed beyond belief to be able to hold her in my arms.


iPhone photos

Here are a few of my favorite iPhone photos:

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First post from my iPhone

My friend, Erika taught me how to post via my iPhone. I am so excited about this!! Thanks, Erika!!

Lexi has been ill since the weekend. It started off with a mild cough and a low grade fever. As the weekend progressed, the cough got worse. On Monday morning I took her to the doctor. She had a 103.6 fever and an X-ray that diagnosed her with pneumonia. I was really scared to hear that word and feared we would be sent to the hospital. Luckily, it is a pretty mild case so the doctor was able to treat with a shot and antibiotics at home. The nights have been really rough with her cough breaking up, but I pray tonight is better. This morning I took Lexi to her follow up appointment. The doctor did another X-ray and is happy with how the antibiotics are working. She also prescribed a powerful cough medicine so hopefully she will get some sleep tonight. Here's a picture of all the meds and the pretty purple tulips MiMi brought over this morning.

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Chicken Dinner

So, last night Lexi sat down to dinner and asked if she could have ice cream if she ate well.  We had a little bit of sugar free vanilla in the freezer so I said, "Yes, if you eat a good dinner."  She was very slow to eat and did not want to eat her chicken.  I finished my dinner and had to walk out of the dining room for a minute and when I came back I saw her kneeling and hand feeding Andie a piece of her chicken.  Lexi froze and looked at me like, "Oh snap."  She quietly got back on her chair and patiently waited for the talk.  We talked about her choice in feeding Andie and if it was a good one or a bad one.  She listened very well and then ate all of her chicken.  Some may say I should not have given her the ice cream, but I did.  She knew what she did wrong, she felt bad about it, and then she did eat her chicken.  It made me chuckle and I could not wait to share the story with Jason.  He laughed out loud too.


Valentine's Day 2012

Today a man at the grocery store asked what my husband was doing for me for VDay.  I replied, "We don't celebrate Valentine's Day."  He was shocked, "What?"  I explained how I don't want flowers or chocolate on the day.  Now, don't get me wrong, I like chocolate and flowers any other day, "just because," but not because you should on 2.14.  He said he wishes his wife would say that and really mean it.  I didn't go into with the man who was spending way too much on roses at the grocery store, but Jason and I believe a good relationship is like having VDay 365 days a year.  Now, not all days have singing love birds in the air, but all days are filled with love, respect, and hand holding.  I am so glad Lexi is growing up in a house that thrives on love every single day.  She knows she is loved, she knows Jason and I love each other, and we know she loves us.  Today and everyday I want to show my little Valentine and my big Valentine love and happiness because they are the two who fill my heart all the time.

Here's some pics of our littlest Valentine.  We love you, sweet girl!!


Fuzzy legs

The other day in the car, Lexi touched her leg, looked concerned, and said, "Mom, why do I have fuzz on my legs?  I'm not a boy.  I'm a girl."


Lexi's new crib

Lexi's room was just a mess.  We still had the guard rails on her bed so I was unable to make her bed each day.  This drove me NUTS!  She sleeps with about 30 babies/stuffed animals so they were all over her messy bed.  She likes to have everything neat and tidy in her room (i.e. if one thing is 'out' in the room before she goes to bed, she has to put it away or will ask one of us to take it out of her room).  So...with all of this being said, we decided to re-do her room!!  The inspiration for the room came from, well, Anthropologie, of course.  I found the shams in the store and online on sale, but the comforter was completely sold out.  I called multiple stores, asked our nearest store if there would be anymore in stock, and the answers were all 'NO'.  Then, (drum roll please) I found it on Ebay!!  I ordered immediately and seriously could not wait until it arrived!!  Finally, almost a week later it was here.  During that week Jason and I primed and painted (well, mainly Jason), and Jason installed the new ceiling fan (we've wanted to replace her ceiling fan since we bought the house over 2 years ago).  Once the bedding arrived I discovered some bunting flags I had bought on sale after Christmas for photo shoots.  I was thrilled when I came up with the idea of hanging them in her room since they match perfectly!  The other 'new' accessories for her room include the lamp (on sale at Hobby Lobby), a piece of fabric on her nightstand, the #9, for her favorite beloved doll named, 'Nine' (I got the #9 at Hobby Lobby, used an old shadow box and put a piece of fabric on the back to dress it up.  I also added moss to the top left part of the shadow box because it had some old glue on there I couldn't get off.  I also added a paper bird from World Market on the moss to make it more realistic, if you will).  The 'gates' (as Lexi calls them) above her bed were left here in our backyard from the previous owners of the house.  I cleaned them up and put a sealer on both before hanging them up.  I also bought purple spray paint and freshened up her baby wall letters with her favorite color and new ribbon.  Next to Lexi's bed on her nightstand is an old piece of sheet music I found at Half Price Books for $3.  The song is titled, 'Good Night, Little Girl of My Dreams' by Bing Crosby.  I didn't have a frame for it, so I took the back of an old frame and glued it to that.  The texture that outlines the picture is similar to the lamp shade so it works perfectly!  The last two new things in her room are the rug from World Market and the curtains from Anthropologie (on sale).  Oh, one more thing, I also finally added new knobs to her furniture from World Market ($2.99 each).

Lexi's new room is light, whimsical, spunky, fun, unique, happy, peaceful, special, soft, inviting...just like Lexi.  She is totally unique and special so we wanted to make her room something that reflects her.  I think we accomplished our goal.  She absolutely loves it.  She says her favorite parts of her room are the flags and the door knobs (the flower knobs on her dresser).