Chicken Dinner

So, last night Lexi sat down to dinner and asked if she could have ice cream if she ate well.  We had a little bit of sugar free vanilla in the freezer so I said, "Yes, if you eat a good dinner."  She was very slow to eat and did not want to eat her chicken.  I finished my dinner and had to walk out of the dining room for a minute and when I came back I saw her kneeling and hand feeding Andie a piece of her chicken.  Lexi froze and looked at me like, "Oh snap."  She quietly got back on her chair and patiently waited for the talk.  We talked about her choice in feeding Andie and if it was a good one or a bad one.  She listened very well and then ate all of her chicken.  Some may say I should not have given her the ice cream, but I did.  She knew what she did wrong, she felt bad about it, and then she did eat her chicken.  It made me chuckle and I could not wait to share the story with Jason.  He laughed out loud too.

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