dinner notes

'Tis the season of hockey.  Jason is working around the clock with his team to get ready for opening night.  We brought him a homemade dinner tonight and Lexi left him this note.  Sweet girl.

green beans

While at Sprouts today I spotted the prettiest fresh green beans.  The green beans reminded me of grocery shopping with my grandma and mom.  One time, when I was in Houston we drove to the smallest farmer's market I've ever seen in the pouring rain to get...fresh green beans.  Grandma loved fresh veggies.  Thank you, Grandma for teaching me to appreciate the deliciousness and beauty of fresh vegetables.  :)


the quiet before the storm

This is it...the last weekend before the crazy hockey season begins.  We are cherishing our time together as our little family before Jason starts the busy season.  It looks like it is going to rain any minute (love) and we are going to see friends later today.  Tomorrow we don't have any plans except watching football, hanging out, and watching the season finale of Breaking Bad (Lexi is not watching of course).  The storm is about to hit...let's go Stars!!


milk + cookies

This morning Lexi asked me to tell her about the day she was born.  I have been thinking about her turning 5 for a few months now and I just can't believe she was born almost half a decade ago.  She is the jelly to my peanut butter, the cherry on my ice cream, and the cookies for my milk.  I love you sweet 4.5 (almost 5) year old! 


just because

Jason had a cake waiting for me the other day when I got home from work, 'just because.'

When we were dating I had the same cake delivered to his office. I wanted to show him I loved him, but I couldn't send flowers to his office so I sent a cake. Nine years later and we still show our love for each other 'just because.'

P.S.  Today is the day we became 'boyfriend and girlfriend' 9 years ago.  :)



The summer heat is finally coming to an end and my favorite season here!  We enjoyed some much needed rain last night and today.  The fall candles are burning and we are looking forward to some new things this fall.  :)


a few of my favorite things...

In no particular order:

1.  When Lexi sleeps she puts her palms together and place her hands under her cheek.
2.  In the car seat she sits with her hands by her side and they are in tiny fists.  She has done this since she was a baby.
3.  She thinks I'm beautiful.
4.  She hides a diet coke for me in the bathroom while I get ready.  She says it is from the "Diet Coke Fairy."
5.  She still loves to snuggle.
6.  She stops in her tracks when I sing, "You are my sunshine."  I stop in mine when she sings it to me.