A few things...

Lexi sings "Lullaby" by the Dixie Chicks to Nine.  She calls it "Nine and Lexi's song."  She knows I sing it to her and she sings it to Nine.  Appropriate.

Tonight I put Lexi to bed.  I left the room, turned on the monitor and heard, "I love you so much.  May God bless you and keep you, Mom."  My heart melted.

She makes me the happiest mom in the whole wide world.  I know that sounds cliche, but it's true.  She does.  I love her.  So.  Very.  Much!



Spring has sprung and it is absolutely beautiful!  I started my 'spring cleaning' today.  I did not get much done since I had a two year old requesting that I dance instead.  I danced.  I put the cleaning on the back burner and I danced.  I also took Lexi to a nearby field for some spring pictures.  It is in my DNA to get aggravated if I can't finish a project, but I didn't let that happen today.  I recently did pictures for a friend with a 13 year old.  I used the song, "Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean for the slideshow.  The lyrics say, "Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle." I realize Lexi will not want ME to dance with her one day.  I want to treasure these moments when she chooses me to hang out with.  I want to laugh with her, hold her hand, dance with her, let her sleep in the middle, and just be with her before she grows up.  The past 2.5 years have flown by and each day seems to go by faster than the day before.  I know in a blink of an eye we will be sending her to college.  I wish we could freeze time.  I wish we could rewind.  I wish she could just stay 'little' a tad bit longer.


This and that

Things have been so hectic (good busy) around here and I haven't been able to blog.  There are a few things on my mind that I want to remember so *warning, this will be very random!

1.  Nine goes to "time out" for not listening all the time.  She is there now.
2.  Lexi likes to do things by herself, i.e., climb in the car seat, buckle it, get out of it, etc.
3.  She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses with squinted eyes especially when she wants something.
4.  She likes to take off her diaper when she is wet or dirty.  She will take off her clothes, remove the diaper, and then put her clothes back on.  She will not tell us before hand when she needs to go potty.  We think it is time for her to get on that potty train!
5.  She loves to dance.  It is mainly jumping and twirling, but it is the cutest dance I have ever seen.
6.  She loves her big girl bed, but she is in a stage right now where she won't nap and it is tough for her to go to bed.  If Jason is home I leave and go to "work" so he can put her to bed.   We have more luck when Jason puts her to bed.
7.  She calls "buttons," "butts" and "curtains," "curts."
8.  She still does not like chocolate.
9.  She still loves her milk, warm milk to be exact.  She will repeat herself over and over asking us to "warm it up?" like we have never done it before for her.
10. She now calls herself "Nine's Mommy."
11. Nine is the only one allowed in her bed.  All the others sleep on the big dog on the floor.
12. She calls all her animals and dolls "the people" when she references them as a group.


Our House

I don't have many pictures of my childhood.  The pictures I do have, people are always in the photos and you can't really see the house, accents, or how the house is decorated (unless of course, it was Christmas...my mom always took a picture of the decorated Christmas tree!).  I think the way a home is decorated tells so much about the person/people who live there.  Since I work in Real Estate and Photography, I decided to start photo journaling our home so Lexi can see how we lived, what her home looked like when she was a toddler, etc.  I only took a couple of photos today, but there will be more to come...
Lexi and I went to Michael's and Home Depot today to pick out plants and containers.  Once we got home we planted them together!

It is March 6th, but it is still cool enough for a fire in the fireplace.  We use the fireplace every chance we get!


I love you

This afternoon I was working on the computer while Lexi was playing.  She knows how I love when she comes over to me and puts her chin on the top of the desk.  Usually I kiss her, tell her I love her and then for her to play some more while I finish my work.  Today she walked over, put her chin on the desk, smiled, and said, "I wub you.  Kiss?"  It melted my heart!


My Big Valentine

This blog is dedicated to Lexi.  It is an extension of her baby book.  I want to tell stories about her childhood for her to enjoy reading when she is older.  I want her to enjoy pictures and stories about who she was as a baby, toddler, and child.  I also want to share stories with her about Jason and myself and how she was raised.  I want her to know who her parents were as "young" adults.  The reason I am sharing this is because yesterday Jason once again made me tear up with happy tears.

I pray Lexi finds a husband like her father.  He is loving, nurturing, supportive, caring, a hard worker, dedicated, a gentleman, a family man, a man's man, a care giver, and most importantly, a man of his word.  Yesterday, Jason and I took the afternoon off together to celebrate our Valentine's Day and my birthday.  Mimi and Paw Paw came over to watch Lexi as we enjoyed lunch and a movie.  The thing that made me think about this blog post was just a simple gesture given by Jason.  As we were walking out of the theater, Jason walked out of our row first, stepped to the side, put his hand on my back, had me walk in front of him, and we walked out of the theater as he gently had his hand supporting me.  Jason has been doing this simple gesture and many others for 6 years.  I love them and I will always notice them.

When we got home from the movie I was surprised with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Daniel, and Aunt Kristi over to celebrate my birthday.  Jason put it together as a surprise.  He asked his parents to pick up bar-b-q at a local restaurant I have been wanting to try.  Actually, a few months ago I saw it on the news and I mentioned it to Jason...just once.  This was not significant birthday by any means.  I turned 33.  Even though it wasn't a "big" birthday, Jason still made it special.  Jason makes every day special.

For my sweet daughter, Alexi.  I hope you notice all the love your dad and I have for each other and all the love we have for you.  We want to surround you in love.  I promise to love you and love your father all the days of my life.  I pray you one day meet a man like your father who will love and adore you all the days of your life.  It is easy to say, "I love you."  Your dad and I say it all the time to each other and to you.  Please know, each time it is said it is truly meant.  If fact, if there were a word stronger than "love" we would certainly use that with each other and with you.  You mean the world to us and your dad means the world to me too.  I love you! Love, Mom