welcome back sweet andie ann derson!

We all LOVE this dog.  She is Lexi's best friend.  Lexi loves on her and plays with her non-stop.  When Andie was missing a piece of our family was missing.  Our hearts were saddened thinking she may have been forever lost.  When Lexi and I first saw her at the shelter this morning our hearts skipped a beat and we both had huge smiles and happiness come over us.  On our way home Lexi said, "I missed you Andie Ann.  You are such a good dog!"  This afternoon we took Andie to get a fresh hair cut and Lexi and I picked out treats, a new toy, and bones for Andie.  We love you, Andie Ann Derson!!

bathtub fun!

i heart this face

Have I ever mentioned HOW much I love this little face??  Well, I do.  More than anyone could ever imagine.

this week

This week has been a little crazy.  Our house received a major facelift and we love it!  While the painters were painting though, our sweet Andie Ann got out.  She was gone for 2 days.  We posted signs, but didn't receive any calls.  Last night, Jason and I looked on the animal shelter website and we found Andie's picture!  Lexi and I went to the shelter (Lexi calls it the animal zoo) today and thankfully picked up Andie.  We are so happy to have her back home with us where she belongs!


corn on the cob

Lexi is the funniest corn on the cob eater ever!  She loves it and her big chomping and tiny nibbling make me laugh.  I don't like hearing people eat, but the sound of Lexi eating corn on the cob truly brings a smile to my face.  Love this little bunny!