happy easter!

We spent the afternoon at Mimi and Paw Paw's yesterday for Easter.  Aunt Sarah, Uncle Daniel, and Aunt Kristi were all there too!  They all gave Lexi Easter treats and we had so much fun chatting on the patio before Easter dinner.  This morning Lexi loved hunting for Easter eggs and found two baskets.  One from the big Rabbit and one from Grandma Mike.  Nine even had a turn hunting eggs!  There is a 5:00 Stars game tonight so Lexi and I are going to head out for the action soon.  It will be here first time to visit Jason in the TV truck.  It is going to be so much fun!!!
 *Lexi sporting the "sunglasses" the bunny brought her.  She's not too thrilled about them!  :)


going on the market...

We have decided to put our little "Pottery Barn" (we thought it looked like the store when we moved in) house on the market to see what happens.  We have lived here for 3.5 years...the same amount of time we lived in our first house.  We love this house.  It is bright, open, cozy, and has character.  If this house sells we will be sad, but we love adventure and can't wait to see where life takes us.  Jason and I will miss our wine and fire nights, family time on the couch, the fall leaves, the breathtaking snow views through our windows, and so much more.  We know that any "house" can become a "home" though with love + happiness.  :)


mimi + paw paw's

This past weekend Mimi and Paw Paw watched Lexi all weekend.  Jason dropped her off Friday evening and Mimi brought her home Sunday afternoon.  Lexi always has a blast over there!!  They play, garden (when its not too cold outside), read books, dance, put stickers on the dog and so much more!  Uncle Daniel, Aunt Kristi, and Aunt Darlene also went over to see Lexi.  She adores all of them also and loves the surprise drop in visits!!  Thank you all for loving on our sweet girl!!!


our family photos

Last Sunday we had our family photos done by sweet, Carrie Martin.  We met Carrie through Michelle.  She is soooo nice and extremely talented.  I got the disc of pics today and here are just a few that I am in LOVE with!!!



Today Lexi and I found a baby squirrel behind our planter.  We didn't know if it was hurt, scared, or a little bit of both.  He hung around for a few hours.  While Lexi and I enjoyed the weather outside, Lexi gave the "little fellow" as she called him, water, nuts, a stuffed animal, a book, and a bed (a Kleenex on her very favorite rock from the yard).  She told me he lost his parents and he wanted to come to our house because he thought we were nice.  Ahh, I just wish I could bottle up the innocence.  I wish the world could be this peaceful, genuine, positive, caring, and sweet.  I wish we could all see the beauty of the world like children do through their eyes.  I. Wish. 


my new ride

Tonight after family photos we ate at Mellow Mushroom.  This VW van was on the patio and Lexi said she thought it should be my next car.  I WISH!! It would be so fun to drive around in a hippy bus.  :)


a new shirt

So today I branched out a little and made a shirt!  Well, I sewed embellishments on a shirt.  I found some material I liked and I made a sun and an abstract rainbow.  We went out for some pictures, but it was super windy and the sun hid behind the clouds.






Since receiving the sewing machine for my birthday I have made 5 skirts for Lexi and 1 skirt for Nine.  I L O V E sewing now!  It is super relaxing and not complicated yet since I am just making the same thing over and over.  :)

Here are the 4 skirts and coordinating tops we found at Old Navy:

The fifth skirt came from Lexi's quilt holder/packaging/case thing.  I found it in Lexi's bedside table today.  I should have taken a before picture.  The "oh to dream" patch was positioned vertically, there were a couple of small holes I had to patch up, and there was a handle that I cut and sew down.  I didn't know if it would work, but I tried and I L O V E it!  I love her bedding and I am giddy about her wearing a handmade by *me* Anthro skirt!! 



My sweet friend, Emily told me about me about their experience seeing a chiropractor along with taking vitamins and supplements.  Emily's family has been sick free since they started this routine.  Jason and I decided last night to give this a shot.  I made an appointment for Lexi to get adjusted this afternoon.  Luckily there was time for me also!  We both met with the doctor and watched each other get "adjusted."  Lexi did SO well!  We are praying our experience is like Emily's.  We are fighting this flu and focusing on wellness!!  Emily gave us a lot of suggestions for natural supplements that work for her family.  Lexi is currently drinking immune support tea.  She's having a hard time getting it down, but it helps Emily's family when they are sick so I hope it works for Lexi too!


a dult

Lexi and I watched a video the other day of her as a toddler.  She said in the sweetest toddler voice, "no whining, no crying."  I just love how her little voice sounded.  I have now started mimicking how she said it.  Just now I was saying it and she said, "Mom, you are speaking like a baby.  Speak like a dult."  This is just another thing that I am not correcting because it is just the cutest.  She doesn't know the word is "adult."  She thinks it is a "dult."  Can I *please* just bottle every single ounce of her up!?!?!?

easter tree

Today we stayed in and made an Easter tree!  We used an old anthro candle for the base, some branches from our yard, and a simple recipe of flour, salt and water.  It was so fun and Lexi loved it!

the flu. round two.

On Saturday morning Lexi and I did a little shopping in downtown McKinney.  It was a little chilly so we didn't stay long.  We stopped by the fabric store (yes, it is now one of my favorite places to shop) and Lexi asked me to hold her.  She was freezing.  Shaking, freezing.  I knew something was wrong.  We hopped in the car and went straight home.  When we got home I bundled Lexi up on the couch and took her temperature.  It was 100 point something.  Then, 101 point something.  I gave her Motrin.  Then, 102 point something.  And yes, then, 103.4.  I freaked.  I have NEVER seen a fever this high.  Never.  I put an extra layer of clothes on Lexi, grabbed my shoes and we headed to Acute Kids.  The nurse took her temperature and it was 103.9.  The department head doctor came in our room and said he thought she looked like she had the flu.  He ordered a flu test.  The test was negative.  The doctor explained how the test would probably be positive the next day so he prescribed Tamiflu.  We spent the rest of Saturday on the couch.  We pulled out all the blankets and put on a movie.  Lexi fell asleep for the night about 10 PM and Jason got home from a road trip at 3:15 AM.  We all snuggled on the couch.  The rest of Saturday and Sunday Lexi had a fever between 100 and 101 with Motrin, but last night about 10 PM her fever BROKE!!  Thank God!!  I'm seriously ready to turn in this cold and flu season!!  I wonder if she needs two flu shots next year??


what to do?

Last night I asked Lexi what she wanted to do today.  Her response, "We HAVE to finish cleaning this house!  What about Anthropologie?  Do you need to get your eyebrows done?" 


2 more naps

Last night Lexi and I had a movie and popcorn night.  It was just the two of us and I had a pounding headache.  I wanted to snuggle on the couch and we did just that while watching Madagascar 3.  After the movie Jason called and Lexi of course wanted to talk to him.  Before getting off the phone Lexi said, "I miss you, daddy" and "I love you too much."  It melted my heart.  This morning when we woke up the very first thing Lexi said was, "Two more naps until daddy is home!"  Lexi loves her daddy!!



Lexi sets the table for dinner. As we sat down tonight Lexi said, "Can we have soup for dinner the next day?  We only have one more fork, but we have plenty of spoons!"