lexi's sayings...

I've said before how we don't correct some things Lexi says because sometimes her words for things are just so darn cute!  A couple I want to document and remember forever are "po nolish" for nail polish and "wind wipers" for windshield wipers.


glumly day

Jason is still out of town (the last road trip of the season and it has been a long one), the skies are gray today, I need to clean/pack and I can't find the motivation, but I do have my Sunshine. 



Today we met baby Preston and Aunt Sarah at the park.  They leave for Houston tomorrow and we are so, so sad.  We played at the park, ran an open field, and exchanged hugs.  We will miss them so much!

When we got home from the park Lexi needed a bath.  I know she is almost 4.5 years old, but she will always be my baby.  I love how she smells when she sparkly clean and I just love her little feet.  I could just squeeze her all the time!!


Lexi started gymnastics a couple of months ago. She loves the class and she is determined to master all the events. She works hard and listens intently in class and she practices at home all. the. time. We are so proud of our little gymnast!!!

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my biggest fan...

Lexi is my biggest sewing fan.  She loves to wear the skirts I have made her.  In fact, she doesn't want to wear much else.  If you ask which is her favorite her response is, "They are all my favorite."  Yesterday she was wearing a Kelly original, including the shirt I made.  The cashier at Target said how much she liked her shirt.  Lexi said with the biggest smile, "My mommy made it for me with her sewing machine!"  I melted.  My sweet, sweet Lexi always makes me smile.  :)


very important phone calls

When Jason is on the phone while at home it is a "conference call."  Lexi knows to be quiet while he is talking.  For me on the other hand, as soon as I get on the phone it is the exact moment when Lexi needs something.  You know, chocolate milk, a snack, or just to say, "I love you."  I have started having "conference calls" as well.  It's a win-win.  I get to talk without many interruptions and Lexi is working on the virtue of patience.  Yesterday while we were in the car Lexi used the garage door opener as a telephone.  This was her conversation: "Hi there.  Yes.  I will get it right to you.  Have you uploaded it?  Ok.  I'll text you when I get it.  Thanks and have a good day."  Oh man.  This girl makes me laugh!! 


getting married

About a week ago Lexi prayed out loud for a baby boy and a baby girl when she is older.  A few days later we talked about it and how she will get married and then have children.  She teared up and said, "I don't want to get married.  I just want to marry myself, live with you and daddy forever, and have two babies."

This morning Lexi was talking about her two babies again.  I asked what she was going to name them.  She said, "Little Lexi and Little Paw Paw."  She then said she wanted "Little Lexi," "Little Paw Paw," and "Little Kelly."  I asked about a "Little Jason."  She said, "Oh no, I can't have 4!  How about Little Lexi, Little Kelly, and Little Daddy?"  I said, "Aww, no Little Paw Paw."  Lexi said, "Ok, bring him back in.  I guess I am having 4 babies!!" 

a day for the bff

Lexi is missing Addie's 4th birthday party tomorrow so Lexi and I decided to take Addie for a day of fun.  We went to the mall and had Chick-fil-a and went to Build a Bear.  The girls cracked me up and acted like sweet + mature 4 year olds the whole time.  After the mall we picked up Emmie and took a wagon ride down to the park.  We had a fun filled day!!  Happy birthday, sweet Addison Broccoli.  You make our hearts extremely happy!!

 Jason called and they both took turns talking to him!!!

 "Dance" time!  Addie really was happy the whole time. :)