how did i get so lucky?

I'm sitting at the computer drinking another cup of tea and I literally feel like my heart is going to explode.

I'm so honored to be Lexi's mom.

I know every mom thinks their child(ren) is (are) the best.  And, they should.  Lexi is loving, witty, a caregiver, smart, sweet, determined, passionate and so much more.

On the way to school this morning Lexi was wearing a purple headband with a flower on it.  She said she wished she had a plain black headband because she could picture me wearing that and she wants to be just like me.  Wow.  Why would someone want to be just like me?  I often have to remind myself that her love for me is unconditional, just like my love for her.  She looks up to me.  Wow again.  Some days I feel like I just clean and do laundry and "fail" as a mom.  Lexi might be a little bored on those days, but her ultimate goal in life is to be a mom.  She already sees it as a dream job.  And, it is.


sunday morning rain is falling...

We opened the windows, listened to the rain and thunder and played dress up and barbie dream house.  It was a perfect Sunday morning.


april 11, 2014...also known as "Christmas"

Wow!!  Yesterday was MAGICAL!!

Michelle and Addie invited us to see Beauty and the Beast at a Frisco Middle School.  Michelle used to teach the girl who played "Belle" in the production.  Belle was unbelievable and the girls were so honored to meet her!!

Before the play Michelle suggested we take the girls to Sweet and Sassy to get all dolled up...let me just say, that was the BEST idea EVER!  Addie and Lexi took turns getting their hair and makeup done.  I don't have the words to explain how much they loved it!  They both had huge smiles the entire time and gazed endlessly in every mirror.  After hair and makeup they both had their nails done.  Michelle and I have never seen the girls that excited.  They were on top of the world.  Addie told Michelle today that yesterday was the best day of her life.  I believe Lexi felt the same way.  Lexi's reaction to Santa gifts on Christmas morning does not even compare to how she acted yesterday.  Thank you, Michelle and Addie for inviting us to the most magical Friday in Frisco (well, technically S+S is in Plano).   :)


Yesterday the Stars made the playoffs for the first time in SIX years!!  This is such a blessing to our family.  Jason works so hard and sadly, he misses so much (i.e. he hasn't been able to attend a soccer game OR even a practice yet).  The season is extended a little longer, but all the hard work from the Stars organization has paid off and that makes me happy.  Playoffs are exciting all around.  So, April 11, 2014 was basically the feeling of Christmas morning as a child for our lil' family and I will forever be grateful for this magical day.


a love letter to dad

Jason was gone for an entire week.  He finally got home late last night.  Lexi could not wait for Jason to get home.  Last night after I put Lexi to bed she came out of the room and asked to write Jason a letter. I told her I would write it for her and then she requested I put it on his nightstand.  About a half an hour later, Lexi came out of the room wondering if I had written the letter.  I had not written it yet so I had her tell me one more time what to write and I did it right then and there.  She took the letter into our room and used a soccer magnet to attach it to his lamp on the nightstand.

This morning Lexi was thrilled when Jason read her letter.  As soon as Jason got home from work she brought the letter out again and carried it around with pride.  Jason loves the letter as much as she does and it melts my heart to see this letter floating around our house.  Needless to say, we sure did miss our guy!!