a love letter to dad

Jason was gone for an entire week.  He finally got home late last night.  Lexi could not wait for Jason to get home.  Last night after I put Lexi to bed she came out of the room and asked to write Jason a letter. I told her I would write it for her and then she requested I put it on his nightstand.  About a half an hour later, Lexi came out of the room wondering if I had written the letter.  I had not written it yet so I had her tell me one more time what to write and I did it right then and there.  She took the letter into our room and used a soccer magnet to attach it to his lamp on the nightstand.

This morning Lexi was thrilled when Jason read her letter.  As soon as Jason got home from work she brought the letter out again and carried it around with pride.  Jason loves the letter as much as she does and it melts my heart to see this letter floating around our house.  Needless to say, we sure did miss our guy!!

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