Thanks to my friend Michelle, my sewing machine is now a working machine! Michelle was so sweet and offered to come over and show me how to thread my machine and how to read a pattern. Seriously, without Michelle I would still be staring at the machine waiting for it to produce a skirt. When I first took it out of the box I wondered what the antenna was for. Do sewing machines now have wifi? Come to find out, it's not an antenna, it's the thread holder. ;)

After Lexi went to bed last night I took my notes from Michelle and made this:

I'm pretty proud and I've asked Lexi to keep it forever. Now I'll be on the hunt for a new matching shirt that is long enough to cover her belly. ;)

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my birthday

Lexi has been planning what to get me for my birthday for weeks.  She has told Jason and Aunt Kim a number of times what presents she wanted to "buy."  Well, today Jason took the day off of work and he took Lexi shopping.  Since they bought the gifts today and we are leaving town for the weekend, Jason decided they would give the presents to me today.  There were 4 wrapped things in the living room.  The first gift Lexi unwrapped for me was a preschool activity book.  As soon as she opened it she said, "We didn't buy this at the store, we had it at home.  It was in my bins in my closet and you didn't know it.  We can use it for school."  The second and third things are super cute jewelry from...Anthro!  The last wrapped gift that was in the living room was a new pair of sunglasses.  Lexi told Jason this morning that I said I needed a new pair (?).  After that, they brought out a big wrapped box and it was a SEWING MACHINE!!  I am super excited about this!  I hope to make Lexi some adorable skirts (we'll see!).  Then, Lexi had me close my eyes and hold out my hands.  She surprised me with one of her stuffed animals (a little lamb).  She asked Jason if they could wrap it, but he thought it would be better unwrapped.  ;)  These two sure know how to make my heart smile.  These were the best gifts ever! 


school outside

Today is absolutely gorgeous so we did school outside!  Lexi LOVES learning.  I've always known this, but I'm discovering it more and more now that we are doing school at home.  She begs me for school time and does not want it to end.  I certainly hope she continues this enthusiasm about school as she gets older!

oh boy...

Lexi had my phone in her room while she was listening to TS.  When I got my phone back I saw this:


taylor swift + aunt kim

Lexi loves both of these girls!  Lexi has called Aunt Kim 100x today.  She would every single day if I let her.  Earlier today Aunt Kim and Lexi talked about Taylor Swift and how they will sing together when we go to Houston this weekend.  Aunt Kim also asked Lexi if she would record some singing and dancing to TS and send it to her.  Lexi of course said, yes!  Lexi has been in her room recording.  I just walked in and Lexi had the music up loud and was sitting on her stool in front of the video camera.  She was just looking at the camera.  She wasn't singing.  She wasn't dancing.  I asked what she was doing and her response, "I'm letting Aunt Kim hear the music.  If I sing I will be too loud and Aunt Kim won't learn the words.  If I dance Aunt Kim can't concentrate.  She needs to learn the words so she knows them when I see her so we can sing together." 



Lexi and I started "homeschooling" today. Each day we will work on math, writing, and reading. We will have field trips and do science experiments too. Here is a small video of a math lesson. So proud of my girl!!

YouTube Video


We hired a "real" babysitter for the first time yesterday. Miss Brooke was referred to us by our friend, Michelle. A few weeks ago Lexi and I went to Ms. Brooke's house in order to get to know her. Lexi played with Ms. Brooke and her two siblings while I talked to Brooke's mom for almost 3 hours! The whole family is sweet, strong believers, and have super kind hearts. Lexi was so excited to be with Ms. Brooke while I was away at lunch and Jason was flying home from Vancouver. Ms. Brooke played school with Lexi, taught her the cup dance, played memory, and sang and dance to Taylor Swift with her. Lexi cannot wait for Ms. Brooke to babysit again!

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valentine's day

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Jason and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day with each other.  Not at all.  He was out of town this Valentine's Day and on the phone we awkwardly said, "Happy Valentine's Day I guess."  It was so awkward it felt like we were boyfriend and girlfriend in middle school.  :)

We do however give Lexi a small V Day gift.  It's fun for her and it's fun for us to surprise her.  This year she got a few things from Lush (thanks Aunt Kim) and the Taylor Swift CD.  She loved all of it!  She has been "jamming" to TS in her room non stop.  She has her microphone in there and "performs" on her stage.  Last night before I went to bed I found this:
All of her babies and dolls are lined up as her "audience."  So, so, so adorable!!! 



Lexi started gymnastics! Here she is in action on her third day. She loves it!

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the verdict

When Jason got home last night Lexi and I were both SO INCREDIBLY excited to see him!  After hugs and kisses Lexi took Jason into the breakfast room to show off the table.  He smiled and nodded his head.  Later that night I asked if he really was "ok" with it.  His response, "It's very 'Kelly' and because of that I like it.  I love that you and Lexi did it together.  That's what makes it special."  OMG...what an answer!  Love him!!  Oh, and he shook his head and smiled again when I told him about the new chair covers that UPS will deliver soon.  ;)

P.S. I'm one lucky girl. Look at this dress Jason bought me at Anthro on his road trip. He said he had to buy it because, 'it's so Kelly.' Lexi, this is a dress I will save for you. It will be the perfect vintage dress for you one day. ;)


chalk paint

Ok, I love, love, love this stuff and I am completely hooked!  Kim has been chalk painting like crazy lately and she convinced me to try it!  I've seen furniture be completely transformed with chalk paint so I decided to give it a try.  I went BOLD!  It is COLORFUL...just like life should be!  Lexi and I painted together yesterday and had a blast doing it.  We are VERY anxious to see what Jason says when he gets home from the longest road trip EVER!  That's right...Jason doesn't have a clue what we did.  ;)

Here's a little before and after:



One of my BFFs, Michelle, insisted on picking up Lexi for me today so I could get some sleep (and I got in a great, much needed nap and spent the rest of the day on the couch).  Michelle, is truly a gift from God.  She has the sweetest heart.  She helps so many friends and I just love her.  She has an extra car seat permanently buckled in her car in order to help friends with their kids...isn't that an amazing friend?!?!  Lexi, I want you to grow up and be THAT friend.  We are so blessed to have the Harmons in our lives.  Michelle took the kids to the park, fed them lunch, they watched a movie, and they are going to Chick-fil-a for dinner to support a fundraiser their church is hosting.  I just know Lexi is having a blast at her bff's house today and I can't wait to hear about her fun afternoon.  :)

meals on wheels

Mimi came over yesterday and brought us a delicious comfort meal from Market Street. It certainly helped played a part in us kicking this pneumonia! Lexi slept so well last night. Very minimal coughing...praise God!! Thanks, Mimi for the fun visit and the yum-o food!!

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i want the world to be your classroom

I have been looking for something like this for some time to add to my blog for Lexi.  A friend from high school, Natalie posted this on facebook the other day and the words just sang in my heart as I read them.  It is so perfectly and beautifully written.  Even though they are not my words, the advice is incredible.  Lexi, I could not have said it better myself, I do want the world to be your classroom... 

I want the world to be your classroom.

Don’t be afraid to step off the path taken by most. Allow your curiosity and passions to lead the way and navigate you to places that are rich in meaning according to your unique spirit. Walk with confidence in your heart knowing that anything is possible and that every experience, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, will contribute to your growth and shape who you become.

Know that many people will cross your path in life. Some will hurt you, betray you and some will confuse you. Not all people are meant to stay in your life forever. However, they all will have a purpose.

Be grateful for the lesson and don’t stick around.
Surround yourself with those you’re drawn to because they lift your spirit, encourage and inspire you, make you feel alive and bring out the best in you. Cherish and nurture these people – they love you for who you are and they allow your spirit to shine as it should.

Respect differences in other people’s choices and park your judgment, it will never serve you. Your way is not superior, simply one of many. You can’t change or control other people’s behavior, so don’t waste your energy trying. Focus on what you can control—your own reactions and attitude.

There’s only so much you can learn within four walls and one town, city or country. Respect other cultures and embrace the people. Take time to get to know them—there’s something truly beautiful about having a strong connection with someone that is from a completely different world than you.
Be abundant in perspective and compassion and aim to make a difference, one person at a time. It will humble you and you will appreciate what you have. Aspire for humility and gratitude—you cannot put a price on either and they will make you wealthy for life.

See through materialism and value the things that are truly important in life—relationships, love, nature, experience and adventure. At some stage in your life, it may seem important to wear certain brands and buy the latest trends but living life to the fullest is what brings the type of happiness that “stuff” cannot come close to.

My advice is to not rush into marriage or motherhood. They both require a lot of hard work and you can no longer think only of yourself. Enjoy those young wonderfully selfish years in your 20′s—you cannot get them back. Choosing a life partner will be one of the most important decisions in your life. Live a little first and know who you are and what’s important to you.

Be good to your parents (especially me, your mother). Even though there will be many times when all you want to do is roll your eyes and give me a piece of your mind, know that the love I have for you is the type of love that is impossible to put into words. Only when you have your own children will you fully understand the depth of my love for you.

Don’t let those beautiful spirits stop shining,
Your mother (written by Julie McBroom)


live out loud

"If you ask me what I came in this life to do, I will tell you I came to live out loud." -Emile Zola

A friend posted this on Facebook and I just fell in love with it.  I want Lexi to grow up knowing how to speak her mind (in a very ladylike, respectful, professional way of course), how to live and have fun with life, to laugh out loud, to be colorful, and to always have spunk.  Lexi is so unique and I just love that about her.  She is her own little being with her own colorful personality.  I want her to continue to grow this way and live out loud!

back to the doctor...

Two nights ago, when Lexi took a deep breath we could hear congestion in her lungs.  We knew she needed to go to the doctor again the next morning.  So, I took her in while Jason worked and the doctor did an x-ray and diagnosed pneumonia.  Pneumonia is a scary word, but Lexi had it last year so we know the drill.  Breathing treatments four times a day, two antibiotics, and a very large, painful shot.  The shot HURT our baby girl, but it helped her SO much!  After the shot I took her for ice cream and to the Hallmark store.  I had to carry her around both places because her leg was in so much pain from the shot.  Once we got home she was able to walk, but still needed help with sitting down.  ;)  With a lot of prayers and the new meds, our girl is finally getting better!  Last night the cough was not nearly as bad as the previous nights.  She is still herself during the day and has tons of energy and spunk!!  Right now she is walking around with her size 8 undies, pj top, her Toms that are two sizes too big, and her little Band-Aid from the shot that is hanging on by a thread.  She claims her leg still hurts so she needs to keep the Band-Aid in place.  She asked for tape to put it back on once it falls off.  :)