taylor swift + aunt kim

Lexi loves both of these girls!  Lexi has called Aunt Kim 100x today.  She would every single day if I let her.  Earlier today Aunt Kim and Lexi talked about Taylor Swift and how they will sing together when we go to Houston this weekend.  Aunt Kim also asked Lexi if she would record some singing and dancing to TS and send it to her.  Lexi of course said, yes!  Lexi has been in her room recording.  I just walked in and Lexi had the music up loud and was sitting on her stool in front of the video camera.  She was just looking at the camera.  She wasn't singing.  She wasn't dancing.  I asked what she was doing and her response, "I'm letting Aunt Kim hear the music.  If I sing I will be too loud and Aunt Kim won't learn the words.  If I dance Aunt Kim can't concentrate.  She needs to learn the words so she knows them when I see her so we can sing together." 

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