Friends, Food, & Fun

Last week Lexi and I had a busy week.  Lexi met Addie on Monday.  Addie is Michelle's 3 month old daughter.  Michelle and I were best friends in 3rd grade.  We lost touch of the years, but reconnected through Facebook.  Michelle and Addie live in Frisco.  We hope to meet with them again soon!  We also had 2 play dates with Megan and Caleb.  We have had numerous play dates with them and this was the first time I snapped a couple of photos.  I will make a better effort to have the camera out for our future play dates!  


"Pick your battles"

I always hear parents say, "You pick your battles."  I have always agreed to this, but never fully understood it.  Well, yesterday Jason and I both completely understood why so many people say the phrase.  Lexi decided she wanted absolutely nothing to do with dinner.  No green beans, no carrots, no oatmeal, no tofu...in fact; it was more than just not wanting it, she basically threw a tantrum.  She screamed like she had broken a bone while I was trying to put her in the highchair. Once I finally got her sitting down her face was bright red, arms shaking, and tears falling.  I pulled out the sweet potato puffs and she stopped.  Everything stopped.  She reached her little fingers out, grabbed a puff and ate it.  She won.  She ate sweet potato puffs for dinner.  We'll try again tomorrow.  


Baptism Photos

Lexi looked adorable during her photo shoot in her Baptism Gown this past Saturday.  Cute baby + bright, colorful flowers = priceless memories.  


Things REALLY are changing!

Lexi is starting to rock on all fours!  This afternoon when I went up to her crib she was in her precious sleep sack on her hands and knees.  As soon as she noticed me standing there she rolled to her back.  She did it once more while we were playing and she even let Daddy see it once this evening.  She is learning to get into crawling position from a sitting position.  Often times she forgets to bend a knee which makes her do the splits...literally.  It won't be long before our lil' monkey is in gymnastics!  


Growing up too fast

I can't wait for Lexi to crawl.  To walk.  To talk.  To play dress up.  To snuggle with me while taking a nap.  To have birthday parties.  I can't wait to see her grow up and be successful.  I say it all the time, "I can't wait."  But in reality, I can.  I can wait because I realized today how quickly everything is changing.  She is growing up in a blink of an eye.  She literally does something new every single day.  She rolls across the room.  She sleeps on her stomach now. She can feed herself small bites of food.  She has two teeth.  She walks with one foot in front of the other when you hold her hands.  She can sign "milk."  She only takes 2 naps instead of 3.  My baby girl is growing up.  She is becoming a toddler.  



Do you like Tahini?

Lexi is still trying to answer the question...

Alexi also started feeding herself sweet potato puffs today!  She used her thumb and index finger on her LEFT hand...go south paw!


June in Review

I made this video really quick using iMovie.  I LOVE my new hobby (and my hubby for agreeing to a MAC).  



We got a MAC.  I am having a blast enhancing photos.  Here is the first one I did.  Alexi will now be photographed even more...imagine that!