Going to work

Lexi loves to play, "Going to work."  We absolutely LOVE this game because we get multiple hugs and kisses in a row!  She will say, "Bye, bye.  Going to work.  S'later.  A kiss, a hug."  Then she does just that, gives a kiss and a hug.  She will grab her purse (either our camera bag or my black evening bag), walk to the door while saying the above, but most of the time she will not get to the door before asking for another kiss and hug.  Precious!


Some Updates

Lexi has so much personality and we love every bit of it!  She has been doing some of the following for awhile and I haven't been the best about documenting them, so here is a recent list of Lexi's activities:
  • I say, "I love you so..." and Lexi says, "Much!"
  • She can sing the whole "Bee" song by herself.
  • She says, "Glad to see you" all the time!
  • Her favorite songs are the Hello song, Ridin' in the Car, Trot Ole' Joe, Ring Around the Rosie, Pop Goes the Weasel, Row Row Row Your Boat, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Goodbye/Farewell and ABC's.
  • She kisses and hugs everything...I mean EVERYTHING!  
  • When we put her to bed I say, "May God bless you" and Lexi says, "And keep you." 
  • She says, "Mama, Dada, and DeeDee Dog" out of the blue all the time.
  • She loves to look at pictures and yell everyone's name.
  • She is pretty accurate with past tense, present tense, plurals, and using -ing.
  • She loves to carry bags around the house and "shop."
  • She still loves to read. 
  • She can recite "Goodnight Moon" without looking at the book.  We say the first part of each sentence and Lexi finishes it.
  • Lexi says, "Upsy Daisies!"
  • When she wants to be held she says, "Hold you."
  • When I say, "You are so..." she says, "Cute!"
  • She started saying, "Daddy" awhile ago and just a couple of days ago she has started saying "Mommy."  We still hear "Mama and Dada" most of the time.
  • She loves to dress herself.  Her legs go through almost every article of clothing, but sometimes she puts clothes on her head.  She also likes to dress and then quickly undress Nine.  The other day Nine was wearing Lexi's tights, a sock, a sleeper with a bathing suit on top of all of that and two pairs of bloomers on her head.  I apologize for not getting a picture of Nine's ensemble. 
  • Lexi loves to count and can get up to 20.
  • She knows the letters "W" and "V" all the time and it just depends on the day for the other 24 letters.
  • She is very attached to Nine, Big Bird (figurine), and Elmos (one stuffed animal and one bath toy).
  • She loves to dance and jump.
  • She repeats almost everything we say.
  • Her favorite shapes are circles, hearts, and stars.
  • She often goes to the computer and asks for Uncle Chip.  We talk with him on Skype often.
  • Lexi and Jason have a bath time routine.  They wash, play, wash Big Bird and Elmo, dry Big Bird and Elmo, dry off Lexi, look at the beautiful baby in the mirror, tickle, more tickles, lotion, and get dressed.  I clean the house and listen to them laugh.  I love listening to the two of them laugh.  They both melt my heart!