Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, Jason.  Your girls love you dearly!


A Fire Truck!

Lexi got to sit in a fire truck today!  This wasn't planned actually...

This morning our carbon monoxide detector went off, showed a reading of 214, and then went back down to 0.  Lexi ran to me after the alarm sounded.  I asked if she touched it and she said, "Yes."  I then tested the alarm, it sounded, showed a reading of 215, and then went back to 0.  The alarm is loud.  It scared Alexi and Andie.  Andie went and hid in the closet and Lexi held on to me.  She stayed in my arms and did not want to play, talk, or do anything.  I called the fire department just in case.  The fire truck came down the street with sirens and lights.  Lexi loved it!  5 very nice firefighters came inside with their own individual handheld carbon monoxide detectors.  Lexi cried and ran to my arms when they tested our detector.  The firemen gave Lexi a sticker and invited her to look inside the truck once they declared we did not have carbon monoxide leaking.

Lexi is still scared of the detector.  She will not enter or exit the living room alone.  She has held on to me all day and has been so super sweet!  I don't like for her to feel fear, but I'm happy I am able to be here to comfort her.


Uh oh, sorry

I forgot a "Lexism!"  She says, "Sorry" every time she drops something, can't pick something up, says, "Uh oh," etc.  I try to tell her she doesn't have to say, "Sorry" all the time, but it is so darn cute!  If she throws a fit about something when she is done crying she will give us a kiss and say, "Sorry."


More "Lexisms"

1.  When we put her to bed we talk about what she did well, what we need to work on, what her day will be like tomorrow, etc.  As we leave her bedroom Lexi asks, "Good girl?"  She'll ask over and over until we say, "Yes, you were a good girl."
2.  Lexi calls Andie, "Dee Dee Dog."  They are so cute together and Lexi LOVES Andie.  Lexi and I dropped Andie off at the groomers the other day and Lexi cried "Dee Dee Dog" as she reached for her.  She cried all the way back to the car.
3.  When Lexi sees a Dr. Pepper can she points to it and says, "Da Da."  And, when she sees a Diet Coke can she says, "Ma Ma."
4.  I said "Oh my" while on the phone today and Lexi filled in the blank and said, "Gosh."
5.  Lexi can count to 3 and knows that 8 comes after 7.
6.  Lexi's preferred meal plan: edamame, brussels sprouts, avocado and of course, milk.  You can't get her to eat a popsicle or ice cream.  :)
7.  Lexi still loves books.
8.  She is starting to say, "I love you."
9.  She will now give big bear hugs and we LOVE them!
10. She is very equal with giving kisses.  If she gives me one, she must give one to Jason!


Father's Day

Jason is tall, athletic, a man's man, tough, strong, but so incredibly gentle, patient, loving, nurturing, and lovable with Alexi.  I am truly amazed everyday with Jason's fathering skills.  He exceeded my husband expectations so I should have known he would exceed my expectations of him as a father.  Lexi is one lucky girl.  She will grow up to adore her dad as much as he adores her.  Happy Father's Day Jason, you're simply the best.


An old picture

This picture is a couple of months old, but it is one of my favorites.  Lexi loves to do everything we do.  I took this picture with my cell phone while she grabbed my glasses off my face and put them on hers.


Heard Museum

Megan and I took Caleb and Alexi to the Heard Natural Science Museum and to lunch today.  We had a great time at the museum looking at animals, but it sure was HOT!  At lunch miss Lexi had enough...it was tough to get through.  She decided to throw a couple of tantrums while dining, but she settled down somewhat to have a bite to eat and play peek-a-boo with Caleb (these two are bonding and becoming quite a hoot together).  She is taking a great nap as we speak, so needless to say, the museum must have worn her out!

P.S.  If you notice, Lexi is wearing a bow.  She must have read the previous post.  Murphy's law, right?


It's a toss up!

Is Lexi a tom boy or a girly girl?

  • Loves to pick up trash and throw it away
  • Anything that even resembles a bug is "icky"
  • Will NOT wear a bow
  • Requests to have her hair done in a pony tail or pig tails
  • Does not like food to stick to her fingers
  • Loves to play in dirt
  • Twirls and dances
  • Loves big trucks
  • Drops her dolls head first on the ground after giving them a kiss
  • Loves to have her nails painted

Before Lexi was born I made the comment how it would be so cute if we had a little tom boy.  I truly believed I was a tom boy before my mom reminded me of a couple of things.  As it turns out, mom was right (again).  I was a little bit of both.  They always say, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree..."


A Big Day

Today is a big day for us.  This morning we toured a school for Lexi that we absolutely fell in love with.  All three of us loved it and felt comfortable.  We toured and talked to the amazing director for an hour.  The staff and the school are incredible.  We are so excited about the fall!

I did however tear up a few times on the tour:

(1) Explanation of drop off
(2) Nap mats
(3) Christmas program    
(4) Signing the registration check

Our baby girl is growing up.  She is going to learn so much, make new friends, learn more about faith, and so much more.  I am excited, but sad at the same time.  I can't believe our sweet Alexi is ready for school...


Go Cubbies!

Jason, Lexi, and I drove down to Houston this past weekend.  The plan was to take Great Grandma to the Houston vs Cubs game, but she was not able to go with us.  We went with Grandma Mike, Aunt Kim, Uncle Jeff, Cooper, Jackson, and Brady.  We missed Great Grandma and Chip very much!  The game was GREAT...the Cubs won!  Lexi loved cheering when the crowd cheered and enjoyed walking up and down our aisle.  She lasted 5 innings.  Jason, Grandma Mike, and I drove Lexi home and finished watching the game with Great Grandma.  It worked out nicely, we took Lexi to her first game, but we were also able to watch the finale with the Cubs #1 fan!

On Sunday we celebrated Jackson's 6th birthday with him and all his friends.  We had a blast!  His party was held at one of my old gyms.  It has changed a lot over the years, but some things were still the same.  Perhaps one day I'll be back in a gym watching my little girl tumble all over the place!