It's a toss up!

Is Lexi a tom boy or a girly girl?

  • Loves to pick up trash and throw it away
  • Anything that even resembles a bug is "icky"
  • Will NOT wear a bow
  • Requests to have her hair done in a pony tail or pig tails
  • Does not like food to stick to her fingers
  • Loves to play in dirt
  • Twirls and dances
  • Loves big trucks
  • Drops her dolls head first on the ground after giving them a kiss
  • Loves to have her nails painted

Before Lexi was born I made the comment how it would be so cute if we had a little tom boy.  I truly believed I was a tom boy before my mom reminded me of a couple of things.  As it turns out, mom was right (again).  I was a little bit of both.  They always say, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree..."

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