A Fire Truck!

Lexi got to sit in a fire truck today!  This wasn't planned actually...

This morning our carbon monoxide detector went off, showed a reading of 214, and then went back down to 0.  Lexi ran to me after the alarm sounded.  I asked if she touched it and she said, "Yes."  I then tested the alarm, it sounded, showed a reading of 215, and then went back to 0.  The alarm is loud.  It scared Alexi and Andie.  Andie went and hid in the closet and Lexi held on to me.  She stayed in my arms and did not want to play, talk, or do anything.  I called the fire department just in case.  The fire truck came down the street with sirens and lights.  Lexi loved it!  5 very nice firefighters came inside with their own individual handheld carbon monoxide detectors.  Lexi cried and ran to my arms when they tested our detector.  The firemen gave Lexi a sticker and invited her to look inside the truck once they declared we did not have carbon monoxide leaking.

Lexi is still scared of the detector.  She will not enter or exit the living room alone.  She has held on to me all day and has been so super sweet!  I don't like for her to feel fear, but I'm happy I am able to be here to comfort her.

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Michelle Harmon said...

You are such an amazing mommy!!! Every single time I read your blog I get tears in my eyes! Love you Girl!
ps--so glad it was a false alarm.