Some random things...

  • Lexi and I saw an ambulance today with its lights on. Lexi said, "Oh my gosh!  What happened?" 
  • Lexi sang all day long today.  She learned a song at school about holding two fingers up...I need to learn this one.
  • Lexi drew the letter "W" the other day.  It was accurate.  I just thought it was a fluke.  I asked her draw a "W" yesterday and she did.  
  • I handed Lexi a cup of cheerios yesterday and asked, "What do you say?"  She said, "Don't drop 'em!"
  • Lexi has Spanish class on Thursdays.  Yesterday I asked, "What does hola mean?"  Her answer, "Hi." 
  • She loves to sit on my lap and watch home videos on the computer.  She asks for them by the title she has assigned.
  • When Lexi wakes up from naps she likes to have Nine, Big Bird, Little Elmo and Big Elmo nap on throw pillows.  She says, "Go to sleep.  I pat your back."
  • When Lexi walks out of the room she will say, "Be right back.  See you later.  Wub you!" 
  • Jason and Lexi went to the grocery store the other evening.  They surprised me with a small plant. Lexi walked it in the house and handed it to me.  She was so careful walking with it, she was so excited and proud, and it absolutely melted my heart. 
  • Nine still does not wear clothes, but sometimes she needs a diaper change.
  • Lexi holds on to Nine and Big Elmo every night. 


Tech Cheerleader!

Tech didn't beat Texas this season, BUT Lexi looked cute cheering them on!  She says, "Texas Tech" and also knows how to put her guns up...she's a natural! 


Look Mom...No Tears!

Lexi was such a big girl today and I am again so proud of her!  Today Lexi walked right in class and went to Ms. Kim and did not cry!  I was worried she would cry once I left, but when I picked Lexi up at the end of the day Ms. Kim said she did not shed one tear.  Ms. Kim told me how much she loves Lexi, what a sweet girl she is, and how Lexi is a great helper.  I of course know all of these things about Lexi, but it is such a great feeling to hear it from her teacher!  
Playing with her green pumpkin before school
It's my Friday!
After school
French braid! 


Pretty Colors!

Lexi and I didn't have much planned for the day so I looked up fun experiments for toddlers online.  I ran across this neat little experiment so I thought we'd give it a whirl...
Sprinkle ice with table salt
Pour food coloring on the ice
Wait to see what happens
Wait just a little bit longer
It was fun to watch the ice turn bright neon colors and a great way for Lexi and I to spend some quality time together outside.


A great day!

This morning started off a bit rough.  Lexi woke up at 6 AM and did not go back to sleep.  While getting ready for school she was happy and excited, but as soon as we got out of the car she would not let go of me.  We waited inside for about 10 minutes for the school to open and Lexi would not let me put her down.  I knew this was going to be a hard goodbye.  When we got to Lexi's classroom she started crying.  The crying turned to screaming.  Her face turned bright red.  She looked me straight in the eyes, held my face, and cried, "I go bye bye with you" over and over again.  It broke my heart.  I have tears in my eyes now as I write this.  I cried while I peeled her off my neck and I cried all the way to Starbucks.  The pumpkin spice latte didn't really do the trick of cheering me up like I thought it would.  I spent the day running errands, cleaning the house and most importantly, keeping an eagle eye on my phone in case the school called and I of course spent tons of time watching the clock.  I counted down the minutes to get Lexi.  I got to the school a few minutes early and saw the director in the hallway.  She was with me again this morning too.   She said she checked on Lexi a couple of minutes after I left and she was teamed up with two little boys and they were making hand prints.  She assured me Lexi was happy and completely fine.  When I got to the class Lexi ran up to me and said, "I go home."  She had a huge smile on her face which brightened my heart.  Ms. Kim and Ms. Sherry both told me how great Lexi did today and how sweet she is!  They said she cried for the first 2 minutes this morning and then the tears were gone and they never returned.  I am so proud of my baby girl!  


First Hair Cut!

Lexi needed her bangs trimmed so we headed to Groovy Cuts For Kids.  Lexi picked the pink and purple jeep to sit in (surprise) for her hair cut.  She did GREAT!  I thought we would see some tears, but none at all!  After the hair cut and style she got her nails painted.  She got to choose from a rainbow of nail polish colors and she chose (surprise again...) pink!  She looks adorable and I can't wait for her to have a birthday party there with dress up clothes and costume make up!
Waiting in the pink chair
Getting her hair cut
Praying it will be a great cut!
Pretty pink nails
All done!
Showing off the braid 


Look Whoo's In Preschool!

First day of preschool is over.  Wow.  That was hard.  It was hard to say goodbye to Lexi this morning.  She did okay saying goodbye.  She did better than me.  BIG TEARS in my eyes as we left.  Jason helped me get through it and the director of the school saw us in the hallway and hugged me again (she hugged me as I cried enrolling Lexi a few months ago).  My day was long and I was extremely pleased when 2:15 finally rolled around.  I was smiling ear to ear as I walked down the hallway to Lexi's classroom.  When I arrived at the door Lexi was sitting on Ms. Kim's lap.  Her eyes were red.  She ran to me yelling, "Mama, Mama, Mama!"  I picked her up, hugged and kissed her, and tried to explain that I will always be there to pick her up at the end of the day.  She just said (multiple times), "I go home." Ms. Kim and Ms. Sherry said Lexi had a rough day.  She enjoyed music class, but the rest of the day was tough for her.  She would do okay, but then realize she wanted Mom and Dad so she would start crying.  She didn't eat much lunch and she did not sleep.  I know Thursday will be even harder since she now knows we will leave her there for 5 hours.  The class did not get to go outside today because of the weather so hopefully Thursday will be nicer and they can play outside for a bit.  They will also go to fitness on Thursday which Lexi will enjoy.  Thursdays they also have Spanish class...I guess Jason and I will have to brush up on our Spanish too!  Oh, in Lexi's folder was her first school art project!  It is a "Doctor's Kit."  It is a folded piece of black construction paper and inside it has a band aid stuck to it, a q-tip, cotton ball, and tongue compressor glued on it.  It will proudly be displayed on the refrigerator...guess it is time to look for some OWL magnets!


Less than a week...

Lexi starts 'school' in less than a week and I have a ton of emotions about it flowing through me (warning, this post may ramble a bit).  I am excited and anxious for her to meet new friends and learn.  While school clothes shopping today, Lexi saw a little boy (about a year old than her) said, "Hi Baby," hugged him, and tried to kiss him.  Lexi loves kids and I am excited for her to be around kids her age, twice a week.  She is learning a lot at home, but she will learn even more at school.  The curriculum FBM uses is wonderful!  I am sad.  I am sad because Lexi will be away from me.  This "letting go" stuff is really hard.  I tear up thinking about how much I will miss her during those 10 hours per week.  I feel blessed.  I am fortunate that I am able to stay home with Lexi and only send her to school because we are choosing to, not because we have to.  I am scared.  I am scared she's not going to understand why.  Why did we leave her with people she doesn't know?  What if she thinks we are never going to come back?  I hate seeing Lexi cry because she is sad or hurt.  I don't want her to think we are hurting her by leaving.  I don't want her to cry from sadness because we are not there.  I don't want her to feel hurt that her parents are not there to comfort her while she is sad.  It is my promise as a mother to make my little girl feel protected and safe at all costs.  I know Lexi will learn to love school and will be okay, but not for one moment do I want Lexi to feel alone, sadness, scared, or confused.  I wish she understood.  I tell her all the time about school and that I will always come to pick her up.  She says, "ok," but I know she doesn't know what I am talking about.  I want her to know I will feel sadness because I will be away from her too.  I want her to know I will always be there to pick her up.  I want her to know that we made the decision for her to go to school because we love her.  I just want her to know there won't be one minute during those 10 hours that I am not thinking about her or loving her with my whole heart.