Look Mom...No Tears!

Lexi was such a big girl today and I am again so proud of her!  Today Lexi walked right in class and went to Ms. Kim and did not cry!  I was worried she would cry once I left, but when I picked Lexi up at the end of the day Ms. Kim said she did not shed one tear.  Ms. Kim told me how much she loves Lexi, what a sweet girl she is, and how Lexi is a great helper.  I of course know all of these things about Lexi, but it is such a great feeling to hear it from her teacher!  
Playing with her green pumpkin before school
It's my Friday!
After school
French braid! 

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Michelle Harmon said...

I love, love, love this post! Hooray! She adusted so well so fast. She is going to get so much out of her "school" experience! And doesn't it just warm your heart to hear her teacher love her? It makes me "get" why my students' parents have always appreciated that so much!! I LOVE th picture of her with her name on her diaper....and the french braid, OMG! she has so much hair! Love you girls!