Christmas 2010

This Christmas the best present was Chip's homecoming. He has served over 6 years in the Army and now is home...for good!  He is still continuing his career as an Army Reserve, but he is home and this Christmas was truly one of the best for that reason.

Our Christmas schedule was hectic as usual.  On December 19th, Lexi and I drove to Houston.  Thankfully the Ratcliff's offered to keep Andie for us.  On the 20th, Chip arrived.  His flight was late so the kids had to stay home.  The plan was for us all to go to the airport, but a 9:35 PM arrival time did not allow that.  So, mom, Kim, Chip's good friend, Emile and I went to the airport to pick him up.  We had the camera ready, the flip camera was on and we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally mom's phone rang and it was Chip.  He was waiting for us in baggage...we were waiting by security!  Needless to say, it was not as eventful as we had pictured, but he made it and we were delighted to see him.

The next few days flew by and Jason flew down to Houston on Christmas Eve morning.  We did some things around the house, went to church, went back to my mom's, had our Christmas Eve dinner, and opened presents.  The next morning we packed up the car (it was a tight fit) and drove home.  Jason and Lexi stayed at the front door while I got the camera ready just in case Santa left something under the tree for Lexi.  And, Santa sure did!  He brought her the pink vacuum cleaner (just like ours) she had been asking for!  We were able to sneak in a few minutes to give Lexi her Christmas gifts from us.  Next, back in the car to drive to Coppell for the Walsh family Christmas.  As soon as we got there we opened more presents, ate dinner, and drove back to McKinney.  Lexi was not feeling 100%, but she was very thankful for all the wonderful gifts she received.

Things we will always remember about Christmas 2010:
-Chip's homecoming
-Lexi's favorite movie was "Christmas Monkey."
-Lexi's favorite song was "Christmas Monkey."
-Lexi loved Santa.  She loved him so much we bought a blow up Santa for the yard.
-Lexi wanted to kiss the yard Santa every chance she got.
-She actually started to kiss every Santa (not the real one).
-She liked to kiss the reindeer in our yard.
-She also liked to kiss the individual lights on the ground in the yard.
-Lexi loved the Christmas tree and lights.
-Lexi loved to wear her Santa hat.
-She requested I take her picture in front of all the decorations in the house.
-She spoiled the gift she made Jason and I at school.


The Plan

The plan for the other night:
Put Lexi to bed at 8.
Clean house.
Update blog.  Realized I hadn't even posted about Christmas.
Take a shower (the first one of the day).
Go to bed early.

The reality:
Lexi did not want to go to sleep.
Got her in bed at 8:30.
Cleaned the house.
Lexi woke up.
She started screaming.
I went in her room.
She asked me to rock her.
I did.
She held on tight when I tried to put her back to bed.
I continued rocking her.
Put her down.
Sat down at the computer to blog.
Blogger was not working.
Continued trying.
Stopped trying.
Finally got in the shower at 10:30.
Did not get to read.
Did not get to update blog.
Did not get to go to bed early.
Did get to rock my 2 year old longer than normal.
Would not trade my life for anything.