Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mimi, PawPaw, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Kristi, Uncle Chip, Aunt Sarah H., and Donna this year!  Everyone came to our house this year and it was fabulous.  It was very laid back, but still so much fun.  We had a ton to eat of course, watched football, told stories, and laughed together.  Lexi entertained everyone as usual. We missed our Houston family and Aunt Sarah W.

I made homemade apple butter this year and used the jars as place settings.

The table before dinner.

Jason's plate!!  He almost ate every single bite.

Aunt Sarah's fabulous dessert tray.  PawPaw is probably still talking about how delicious all 4 desserts were!

I took this picture a couple days before Thanksgiving.  So sweet!

We are so incredibly thankful for our home, health, family, and friends.  We are certainly blessed beyond belief.  Life can't get much better than this. 



Lexi often says, "I love you the best most, mom."  I. Love. It.


Wonderful weekend!!

We started off the weekend on Friday with Lexi's actual birthday and Chip and Sarah's wedding day.  Mom, Great Grandma, Kim, Jeff, and the boys drove from Houston.  We all hung out together and then the boys went and spent the night with Chip and Sarah.  On Saturday, we worked on the details of Lexi's birthday party on Sunday, took some pictures of the kids, and that night we went to III Forks to celebrate the marriage of Chip and Sarah. We met Sarah's family and had a wonderful time.  They are so happy and in love...it is wonderful to witness.  After the celebration, we headed back to our house while Kim worked on a fabulous guitar cake just for Lexi!  We had a blast staying up late and drinking a little vino.  On Sunday, we had Lexi's birthday party.  We decided to do a family party this year and get her a big gift (a car) which she absolutely loves.  Lexi received clothes, money, drums, guitars, a microphone, a lawn mower, makeup, dolls, and art supplies.  She LOVES all her gifts and we are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  A big thank you to all the people who helped Lexi had a very special birthday.  We love you all!  Also, happy wedding to my little brother and new sister, and happy birthday to my precious daughter!


The night before...

Lexi's birthday and all through the house there's a precious toddler sleeping...dreaming of cake, ice cream, and presents while her mom is reminiscing with eyes tearing.  All day today I have thought about the day before meeting Alexi and kissing her sweet face for the first time.  I can remember every. single. detail. perfectly.  It seems like it happened yesterday.  I can't believe how fast these first three years have flown by.  She has learned so much and she astonishes us everyday with her knowledge, wit, and personality.  Lexi has made our lives complete.  I can't believe it.  I just can't believe she is one day away from being a three year old.  My heart feels like it is going to explode this very moment with the amount of love pumping through it that I have for her.  Sweet dreams my little Lex Star.  I love you and can't wait to kiss your sweet face all day tomorrow!