Today in the car Lexi asked to see a stop sign. We approached one and I said, "There's one!  It says, S T O P...stop."  Lexi then said, "S T O P stop."  A few minutes later I quizzed her without being in front of a stop sign and she said, "S T O P stop."  I cheered very loudly!  Later in the day I asked her to spell stop and she said, "S and a T, and a O, and a P.  Not a W, not a F, not a E."  She makes me laugh!


With Grandma Mike in the hospital for such a scary reason it has my mind racing in circles.  I realize how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken from you.  My mom's story makes me want to be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, in-law, cousin, friend, neighbor, even stranger.  I am still in a fog about what happened two weeks ago.  18 years ago when my dad died, my biggest fear became losing my mom.  That.  Almost.  Happened.  I have now learned to treasure every moment with the people I love.  I love you, mom!

Grandma Mike

Two weeks ago today Grandma Mike went to the ER and they found a blood clot between her skull and her brain.  This is the email I wrote to her work and some of our friends.  It is easier to copy and paste, rather than rewriting the whole story:

On Thursday evening (about 7 PM), Jackie's son in law, Jason called Jackie from Dallas to see how she was feeling. After he got off the phone he told me he was really concerned about my mom because she was slurring her words. I called my sister, Kim and brother, Chip. They immediately called my mom and also agreed she did not sound right and needed to get to the hospital. Kim picked my mom up at home and took her to the ER at North Cypress Hospital. Chip met Kim and my mom at the ER.

In the ER, they did a CT Scan and concluded our mom had a large blood clot between her skull and brain. The blood clot was putting pressure on her brain which was causing the major headaches she was experiencing for about 2 weeks (during this 2 week time period she was told by 3 different doctors it was a sinus infection or allergies).

Chip and Kim suggested my family pack our bags and head to Houston. At 1 AM Kim and Chip left the hospital. At this time they were told the blood may just absorb and they would continue watching her in the observation unit in ICU until morning (around 9 AM). At 9, they were told the neurologist would make his rounds and give them more information and options for treatment. At 3 AM, my family and I arrived in Houston. I met Chip at the hospital and saw my mom. We were given the same information as Kim and Chip did at 1 AM.  Chip and I left the hospital at 4 AM.

At 6 AM, Kim received a phone call that our mom was on her way to surgery to drain the blood clot. Chip and I made it to the hospital in time to see our mom before surgery, but Kim lives a couple minutes further from the hospital and did not make it in time. Mom was nervous and a little scared, but mostly shocked that surgery was needed so soon (especially with never speaking to the neurologist).

The surgery lasted an hour. The surgeon informed us the surgery went well and there were no complications. During the surgery the surgeon found a small artery leaking which caused the blood clot. He was able to repair the leaking artery during surgery. Immediately after surgery mom was recovering nicely in ICU. She was able to open her eyes, talk some, and breathe normally on her own.

Tonight around 7 PM, mom was transferred to a regular room. She is improving each day. She is able to walk (holding onto a walker for support), feed herself, talk without slurring, and has no memory loss. The surgeon expects a full recovery.

At this time mom is battling a fever that is being controlled with antibiotics. She has had a couple of chest x-rays and we are waiting for results of her blood culture (preliminary reading will come tomorrow afternoon). She will also have another chest x-ray tomorrow to compare with the previous tests. Right now there is some concern about pockets in her lungs. The good news is though, even with the concern of the lungs, mom was still moved out of ICU.

Mom's spirits are up and she is showing her strength. She is requesting to walk as I sit and write her story!

We want to thank each of you for all the support, well wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts. Mom is doing very well, but still needs time to rest. Many of you have asked to visit. Since she is fighting a fever we ask she have limited visitors. Once we have conclusive results from the blood culture I will send another update.

An update (for blog):
Grandma Mike is incredibly strong!  She left the hospital the Wednesday evening following her surgery.  She is getting stronger every single day.  She is on her road to a full recovery.  She is so lucky.  We are so lucky.  Love you bunches, Grandma Mike! 


Lexi with Baby Dolls

Jason had a wonderful idea about printing a canvas to go above Lexi's bed of a picture with her and her baby dolls.  We went this afternoon to see if we could "capture" a good one.

Manic Monday

This morning we got up early, got ready, and were off to meet Michelle and Addie at the gym. Lexi told me on the way there she would play would Addie in the kids club and I would pick her up...just like I always do. Well, with school being out for summer there were a lot of kids in the kids club. Lexi was a little over stimulated and would not let me leave. Addie tried to get her to play, some other (a little bit older) girls tried to play catch with Lexi, but she did not want me to leave. After multiple attempts, it was just not working and I had to leave...with Lexi. We went straight to the grocery store and she rode in the tv cart and watched Mickey mouse. She knew I was disappointed. She wasn't talking much and she was obeying every request I made. While we were in the meat aisle she looked at me through the window in the tv cart and smiled. It was seriously the sweetest smile I had ever seen. I could tell in her eyes and her smile that she was sorry. I knelted down beside her, told her I loved her so much, and gave her a kiss. Since we got home from the grocery store we have been talking about the importance of exercise. Se has also been asking me non-stop, "are you happy mommy?" I am sad I didn't get to work out and have adult conversation with my friend Michelle, but absolutely-positively I am one happy mommy, even if I never get in shape!