our Emmy award winning producer...

Won his 4th Emmy Saturday night for the Retiring 9 ceremony. I knew while I watched it live that Jason was going to earn an Emmy for all his hard work and creativity. Lexi and I are so proud!! 



Yay for another Friday eve!!  This morning I woke up at 4 am and wasn't able to fall back asleep.  Jason took Lexi to school for me so I could "sleep" a little this morning.  I wasn't able to sleep, but I rested.  Jason got Lexi ready very quietly and they walked out the front door without me even hearing them.  I wasn't asleep, but since Jason thought I was he told Lexi that I wasn't able to re-braid her hair before school (I french braid it every night after bath and then re-braid it in the morning so it looks nice).  Well, when Jason got home from taking Lexi to school he told me she had big crocodile tears rolling down her face when he told her no.  I was thankful they let me rest, but I was sad I didn't get to say goodbye. 

So, since Lexi and I were both sad this morning I decided to surprise her at school today.  After the gym I picked up a pumpkin bread from Starbucks and brought it to her at lunch.  When I arrived in the lunchroom she was in the restroom washing her hands.  When she saw me she ran up to me and gave me the biggest and longest hug EVER!!  She was so delighted with the surprise and I was thrilled I had the idea to visit her.  She gave me several hugs and held my hand during our 30 minute visit.  While I was there I asked if she wanted me to re-braid her hair and she said no, but before lunch ended she changed her mind. 

I'm so happy it's almost the weekend!!  Tomorrow the elementary school has their harvest hoe down so I'll get to see her again during a school day!! 

*tgife insta pic. so happy it's time to snuggle and tomorrow is friday!!!!! 


there's more

After school and the glowing report card, Lexi enthusiastically asked to help me do laundry.  While I made dinner Lexi made her lunch for tomorrow.  During dinner Lexi ate her broccoli first and then asked for more while she gave me a hug.  I'm baffled God chose me to be her mom.  I'm beyond blessed and forever thankful for this girl.

first report card

Lexi brought home her very first report card today.  I had just had the scheduled parent/teacher conference so I knew she was doing well, but as I pulled the report card from the sleeve I had a few butterflies like I used to when I was in school.  Lexi's marks were fantastic and I was extremely impressed at how thorough the report card is formated/graded.  The report has six categories and specific evaluations within.  The sections include: reading, writing, math, enrichment (art, science, social studies, computer, music, PE, Spanish), behavior/work habits, and spiritual.  As we went over the report after school Lexi lit up.  Jason and I are over the moon proud of Lexi's growth and development this year.  We LOVE Lexi's school and her awesome teacher!! 



Lexi and I were looking through my old Instagram pics tonight. I love every picture of Lexi, but these are some of my absolute favorites!!



parent-teacher conference

This morning I had a parent-teacher conference with Mrs. De.  It was a planned conference, but it still made me a tad bit anxious.  I KNOW Lexi is a great child/student.  She is smart, friendly, and she loves school, but what if she acted totally different at school?  Well, she doesn't.  Mrs. De sang praises about Lexi.  She is doing very well academically and socially.  I had tears in my eyes as Mrs. De talked about our sweet girl.  Mrs. De described Lexi as a leader, but not bossy, a friend, a care giver, and she always, always gives 100%.  We have to work on her confidence with reading, but Mrs. De said she is above average and is very proud of her.  Kindergarten is simply the best and we are blessed with an awesome school and incredible teacher!!


nice try

The other day Lexi asked if she could have a particular item in her lunch sometime. It's not a healthy food so I explained how it is my job to buy and prepare food for her that is healthy.  She looked away for a second and then turned to me and asked, "well then can daddy buy it for me?"


lexi...the little teacher

Ever since kindergarten has started our conversations at home have changed.  Most conversations with Lexi go a little like this:

Lexi: "After dinner I would like to have da, da, da.  Da, da, da.  Do you know what I might say next (as she raises her eyebrows and points to her mouth)?"

Me: "Dessert?"

Lexi: In a surprised and elated voice, "Yes!!  You got it!!  Dessert begins with 'd' and ends with 't.'  Way to go!!!"

This girl.  Oh she cracks me up!!