My Little Valentine

Lexi was admitted to the hospital on 2.17.11.  Jason was out of town.  He was of course, the farthest from home that he ever goes.  I took Lexi to the doctor on Valentine's day and she was diagnosed with RSV.  On Wednesday night that week Lexi fell asleep on my lap and did not really wake up until late the next morning.  I called the doctor on Thursday morning and they had me bring her in at 1:30 PM.  At the doctor's office they did a white blood cell count and two breathing treatments.  The white blood cell count was fine, but they sent us to the hospital because she was on the verge of being severally dehydrated and her pulse ox was low.  Mimi met us at the doctor's office and rode with us to the hospital.  When we arrived at Children's our room was waiting for us.  The room we were in this time with either the exact room or the room next door to the room we were in when Lexi was two months old.  Needless to say, my emotions were just as strong this time around as we entered the room.  The nurses came in and brought Lexi her very own stethoscope!  They listened to Nine's heart and taught Lexi how to listen with it too!  Dr. Tate took me out to the hallway and explained how we were going to proceed.  Lexi was going to get an IV for fluids and if her lungs sounded clear we did not have to get a chest x-ray.  When we walked back to the room Lexi decided to start drinking on her own.  Dr. Tate left the room and Mimi went to get him because she was drinking even more.  Dr. Tate said Lexi did not have to get an IV at that point.  We were cleared to leave that night, but we chose to stay "just in case."  Lexi played with Aunt Sarah and Mimi for a little bit and then she and I stayed the night together in our little "hotel" room.  By the next morning we were out of the hospital and back home!

Since Lexi missed Valentine's Day I took her out yesterday in her Anthro V Day dress for some pictures...


A BIG Day!

Today was a BIG day for Lexi.  Jason and I have been talking for awhile about converting her crib to a toddler bed, but we just didn't see the rush since she has never tried to climb out of her crib.  But, we thought it would be a good idea to do a couple of "Big Girl" changes at once...

If you know Lexi, you are familiar with this...
This has been Lexi's "Milk Cup" since she got off the bottle.  It is not much different than a bottle really.  It has handles, but it is a bottle.  Lexi absolutely LOVES milk.  She wants it ALL day long, first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night.  

Today Lexi and I went to Target to get some "Big Girl" things.  We got toddler bedding, a new rug for her room, a foot stool for her bathroom, and two "Big Girl" cups.  She was pretty picky with the cups!  I told her we were giving her "Milk Cups" to a baby.  I asked her if she wanted to pick out something else to give the baby with the cups and she chose a pair of gray socks.  We bought the socks, brought all the stuff in the house after Target, and then collected the "Milk Cups" and put them in a bag to give to the baby.  We placed the bag outside for the baby to swing by and pick up.  

While Lexi was using her stool and brushing her teeth, I ran outside and threw the bag to the side of the house.  Shortly after that when she was brushing her teeth again while standing on the stool I ran outside and placed an unopened Christmas gift on the porch.  After she and I rolled up the old rug I suggested we put it outside.  She helped me place it on the porch and she found the gift.  I told her it was from the baby who we gave the "Milk Cups" and socks to.  She seriously acted like it was Christmas morning opening the gift.  She was so excited!  

We played with the gift and Lexi drank from her new "Big Girl" cup!  She drank juice and water from the cup.  She requested milk, but she doesn't drink much milk from the cup...thank goodness!  During dinner she had milk, but again, not too much.  

While I gave Lexi a bath Jason put her toddler bed together.  After he was done he took her out of the room while I put the linens on it.  She walked in the room and was thrilled (video to come)!  She was so excited to go to bed.  We asked if she needed a drink before bed and she requested WATER...YES!  She was a little timid right before we put her down, but she did great!  We watched the monitor and she just played with her babies like normal.  She is sound asleep in her "Big Girl" bed and we are so, so, so proud of our baby BIG GIRL!

Ok, signing off.  Mom tears are starting....


Wow, we had a lot of snow!  That also means we had A LOT of time indoors!  All the ISDs in DFW were closed Tuesday through Friday last week!  So, needless to say, Lexi did not have school either.  We had ice and then about 7 inches of snow in McKinney.  Jason was out of town so it was just Lexi, Andie, and me until Uncle Chip came on Thursday.  Chip is in the Army Reserves and reports to Grand Prairie once a month.  It was a nice surprise to Lexi and me that the Reserves were canceled also due to the weather.  This REALLY helped out with our cabin fever having Uncle Chip around!

On Friday night Chip cooked us steaks on the grill while Lexi and I went out to enjoy the snow.  Well, Lexi doesn't really "enjoy" the snow.  She fell down once and did not know what to think!  She does not like to get her hands dirty and to her, snow sticks so therefore it is dirty!  She only wanted to spend a couple of minutes out there which was fine with me because I have grown to be a wimp when it comes to cold weather!


A few funnies!

So, in order to remember things Lexi says throughout the day I am starting to write "Notes" on my iPhone. Today was snow day 2.  We were stuck inside ALL day again!  We played dress up, danced, sang, painted, cooked, read, and watched Caillou.

While I was cooking dinner Lexi was playing with water in the sink that we made purple.  She wanted to play with the sprayer.  I said to her, "You are too little to play with that. You can play with that when you are older."  Lexi pointer to her shoulder and said, "That's my older."  Then she pointed to both shoulders and said, "I have two olders."  Then she pointed to me and said, "Mommy has two SHOULDERS too!"

Nine was right next to the bathtub in her swing while I was giving Lexi a bath.  Lexi started singing, "Jesus Loves Me" and each time she said "Me," she pointed to Nine.  Lexi is going to be one heck of a mom some day!

Also during bath time Lexi said, "Twenty more minutes."  I asked, "Twenty more minutes?"  Lexi: "No, no five more minutes."  Me: "Five more minutes?"  Lexi: "No, no two more minutes."  Me: "Two more minutes?"  Lexi: "No, no one more minute!"


Playing catch up

Well, it is February 1st and I haven't posted since my Christmas post which was 1 month late.  Things have been busy, but I still need to write.  I want to write to share Lexi's stories with the people who read this and for her to grow up and be able to read some of the funny, sweet, neat things she did as a small child.  With Facebook around, I tend to just post things/pictures of Lexi on there because of the ease.  But, FB will probably not be around forever, nor will Lexi be able to trace back to my posts.  So, with all of this being said, I am going to be better about blogging.  I feel overwhelmed if I try to catch up so I'm not going to try. Rather, I am going to start fresh and post regularly.

Today we had a snow day.  Jason had to go to work, but Lexi and I stayed in all day.  We did arts and crafts, watched TV, played piano, read a lot of books, did an extra long bath time, and played hide and seek (one of Lexi's absolute favorite games these days).  It looks like tomorrow will be another snow day...perhaps I will take some more pictures of her to share!  Here's one from today...