A few funnies!

So, in order to remember things Lexi says throughout the day I am starting to write "Notes" on my iPhone. Today was snow day 2.  We were stuck inside ALL day again!  We played dress up, danced, sang, painted, cooked, read, and watched Caillou.

While I was cooking dinner Lexi was playing with water in the sink that we made purple.  She wanted to play with the sprayer.  I said to her, "You are too little to play with that. You can play with that when you are older."  Lexi pointer to her shoulder and said, "That's my older."  Then she pointed to both shoulders and said, "I have two olders."  Then she pointed to me and said, "Mommy has two SHOULDERS too!"

Nine was right next to the bathtub in her swing while I was giving Lexi a bath.  Lexi started singing, "Jesus Loves Me" and each time she said "Me," she pointed to Nine.  Lexi is going to be one heck of a mom some day!

Also during bath time Lexi said, "Twenty more minutes."  I asked, "Twenty more minutes?"  Lexi: "No, no five more minutes."  Me: "Five more minutes?"  Lexi: "No, no two more minutes."  Me: "Two more minutes?"  Lexi: "No, no one more minute!"

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