Playing catch up

Well, it is February 1st and I haven't posted since my Christmas post which was 1 month late.  Things have been busy, but I still need to write.  I want to write to share Lexi's stories with the people who read this and for her to grow up and be able to read some of the funny, sweet, neat things she did as a small child.  With Facebook around, I tend to just post things/pictures of Lexi on there because of the ease.  But, FB will probably not be around forever, nor will Lexi be able to trace back to my posts.  So, with all of this being said, I am going to be better about blogging.  I feel overwhelmed if I try to catch up so I'm not going to try. Rather, I am going to start fresh and post regularly.

Today we had a snow day.  Jason had to go to work, but Lexi and I stayed in all day.  We did arts and crafts, watched TV, played piano, read a lot of books, did an extra long bath time, and played hide and seek (one of Lexi's absolute favorite games these days).  It looks like tomorrow will be another snow day...perhaps I will take some more pictures of her to share!  Here's one from today...

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Michelle Harmon said...

Ditto! It's hard to do it all, but this a great documentation of their lives. I have to better myself! Love the picture and love you.