Wow, we had a lot of snow!  That also means we had A LOT of time indoors!  All the ISDs in DFW were closed Tuesday through Friday last week!  So, needless to say, Lexi did not have school either.  We had ice and then about 7 inches of snow in McKinney.  Jason was out of town so it was just Lexi, Andie, and me until Uncle Chip came on Thursday.  Chip is in the Army Reserves and reports to Grand Prairie once a month.  It was a nice surprise to Lexi and me that the Reserves were canceled also due to the weather.  This REALLY helped out with our cabin fever having Uncle Chip around!

On Friday night Chip cooked us steaks on the grill while Lexi and I went out to enjoy the snow.  Well, Lexi doesn't really "enjoy" the snow.  She fell down once and did not know what to think!  She does not like to get her hands dirty and to her, snow sticks so therefore it is dirty!  She only wanted to spend a couple of minutes out there which was fine with me because I have grown to be a wimp when it comes to cold weather!

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