7 Weeks

Alexi is 7 weeks now. Playtime is getting better and better everyday. Lexi is so alert and smiles all the time! She gets tired out fast and as soon as the clock strikes nap time she is out.

Lexi celebrated her first Christmas last week. She got lots of cute clothes and fun toys. A great big THANK YOU to everyone who celebrated with us and gave to Lexi. Christmas kisses from us all!

I am extremely thrilled to ring in the new year with my precious little one. She will be asleep, but don't worry, I will steal a kiss from her at midnight!


6 Weeks

Miss Alexi Preston is 6 weeks today. She is getting so big and is smiling more now...sometimes I think she is even smiling without having gas! She now weighs 10 pounds, 3 ounces. She is a cutie pie and our pride and joy! Tomorrow she will start celebrating her first Christmas. Her Daddy is also coming home in the wee hours of the morning...we have a lot to be happy about!



This morning I cleaned Lexi's nose with my finger. This got me thinking about how so much has changed. I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would put my finger in someones nose...and be excited when I caught something! I have done a few other "momisms" including, licking my finger then rubbing something off of Lexi's face, called Jason in the room to share the sight of a dirty diaper, skipped workouts and meals in order to stare at Lexi sleeping, looked only at the baby section of a store, and this morning when Jason left for a road trip I shed tears for her because I know she will miss him, but does not understand that he left. My world has changed. I love my new world. I can't wait to experience all the other "momisms" that come my way.


5 Weeks

Alexi is 5 weeks today! Here are some photos from today and last week. She is getting so big! Today is hard because we are being serious with developing a schedule. Lexi has been in bed since 7 pm and it is now 8:23. She is only 30 steps away, but I miss her! I want to hold my baby girl and I can't...I have to let her sleep in her own bed. I'm excited for her to wake up so I can feed her again. I love and adore her so much!


A Wonderful Life

My friend Donna, Lexi, and I went Christmas shopping over the weekend. We ended up trolling around the Galleria area and stumbled upon an exquisite furniture show room. We walked in and were greeted by a nice man who explained where the coffee, tea, and cookies were located in the store in case we needed "an afternoon sugar treat." He also smiled as he asked about Lexi and then he asked me if I would like her picture taken with Santa. Of course I did, but I was not going to take her to a germy mall Santa. No need to fight the mall crowds either because there was a Santa right there in the show room! I sat Lexi on Santa's lap while she had her picture taken and played with his white beard. Donna and I believe he must have been the REAL Santa because this was not a typical place for a Santa to hang out. It was meant to be...Little Lexi on Santa's lap. She did not miss seeing Santa this Christmas afterall because of her young age. I know she does not know Santa nor was she able to tell Santa what she wanted this Christmas, but I was--I want her to have A Wonderful Life.


Happy 1 month birthday, Alexi!

It is hard to believe a month ago today Alexi arrived. It is true, we can barely remember our lives without her. She has brought so much joy and love into our home. I catch myself spending hours each day just looking at her. I tell her at least 100 times a day how much I love her and my kisses are endless.

There have been many changes in the Walsh household as of yesterday. Since Lexi is a month, we are really working on developing a schedule. The sleeping patterns have improved which was much needed for mom and dad! It is hard to wake her from her peaceful sleep during the day, but I am doing my best. We are one month in and look forward to all the excitement she will continue to bring to our lives. We love you, Lexi...happy one month birthday!


Top 10

Tomorrow we will be 4 weeks in to this parenting gig! We have learned there are a few things we could not live without! Here are the top 10 necessities for the Walsh family:

1. Tender Care Lanolin--I can not live without this cream!
2. The Boppy--Fabulous for feeding!
3. Butt Paste--Really does the job taking care of diaper rash!
4. Mylicon Drops--Relieves Little Lexi's stomach quick...and she smiles once the gas is gone! (Thank you Dr. Richardson, Kim, and all the other new mommies who recommended this one).
5. Sleepers with zippers--Sure does make middle of the night diaper changes quick and easy!
6. Christmas lights--Lexi LOVES to focus on the lights.
7. Velcro Swaddling Blankets--What a grand idea!
8. The Bouncer--Lexi loves to relax in the bouncer. It vibrates and plays music from an IPod!
9. Microwaveable Sanitizing Bags--2 minutes and pacifiers are clean as new!
10. Sweet Violet Baby Lotion--Takes care of dry skin and Lexi smells like a Cabbage Patch Doll!



Give Thanks

Forever Blessed

It sounds so cliche to say it, but we were forever blessed this year with Alexi entering the world. It took a long time for our baby and we are thankful God handed her down to us. She is the perfect gift. She is such a wonderful baby, beautiful, precious, adorable, loving, and so much more. There really are no words to fully describe how we feel about our baby girl.

We spent most of 2008 pregnant, forcasting what it would be like with Lexi in our lives. We had a pretty good idea, but we really did not understand how much and how unconditional our love would be for her. I often look at her in total amazement and thank God for creating the perfect child for us.

We spent Lexi's first Thanksgiving with family, food, and football! We had a great time celebrating at our house and hope to have the rest of the family join us next year. We are thankful for our family of four (including Andie), our extended family and loving friends, and for Lexi bringing joy in our lives and changing the house on Crestridge Lane into a home.



One Week

Last night at 7:04 pm one week ago Alexi entered the world. Her birth was a surreal experience and feeling. Words cannot describe the excitement and happiness I felt at that moment. At an instant I felt an overwhelming sensation of unconditional love. I felt complete. My family felt complete. I no longer had to dream of becoming a mom; I was a mom. In the birthing room I became a different person. Lexi instantly changed my life and my outlook on life. I felt the change as soon as Alexi took her first breath. Jason and I cried together, smiled, laughed, and kissed once our miracle arrived. I found a new love for Jason as well. I really didn't think it was possible to love him even more, but somehow I do. I am blessed with a precious daughter and a loving husband. I simply do not think life can get better than this.