Top 10

Tomorrow we will be 4 weeks in to this parenting gig! We have learned there are a few things we could not live without! Here are the top 10 necessities for the Walsh family:

1. Tender Care Lanolin--I can not live without this cream!
2. The Boppy--Fabulous for feeding!
3. Butt Paste--Really does the job taking care of diaper rash!
4. Mylicon Drops--Relieves Little Lexi's stomach quick...and she smiles once the gas is gone! (Thank you Dr. Richardson, Kim, and all the other new mommies who recommended this one).
5. Sleepers with zippers--Sure does make middle of the night diaper changes quick and easy!
6. Christmas lights--Lexi LOVES to focus on the lights.
7. Velcro Swaddling Blankets--What a grand idea!
8. The Bouncer--Lexi loves to relax in the bouncer. It vibrates and plays music from an IPod!
9. Microwaveable Sanitizing Bags--2 minutes and pacifiers are clean as new!
10. Sweet Violet Baby Lotion--Takes care of dry skin and Lexi smells like a Cabbage Patch Doll!

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