lexi's silhouette

I adore Lexi's silhouette.  Her little nose and lips look exactly how they did 6 years ago in our sonograms.  I still can't believe God chose me to be her mom.  I am in love with every little piece of her!!


father's day 2014

Father's Day 2014 marks the 21st father's day without my dad.  Each year is a little hard.  I think of him often, but significant days are always a little bit rougher.  I am very thankful and blessed to have Paw Paw though.  He has cared for me as his own for over 9 years now.  I admire, trust, and love him as my own dad.  He is also (hands down) the very best Paw Paw.  Lexi and Paw Paw have the sweetest relationship.  The simply adore each other.

We celebrated Paw Paw, Uncle Daniel and Jason at Mimi and Paw Paw's house on Saturday.  We ate, swam, told stories, and had fun.  We got to snuggle our favorite baby too!  I can't wait to see Lexi and Luke grow up together.  Cousins are like siblings and we are fortunate to live so close to each other.

On Sunday we spent the whole day celebrating DAD!  Lexi and Jason usually go get donuts on Sunday mornings, but this Sunday Lexi and I went while Jason slept in.  We picked up a buffet of sweet treats and Starbucks for the man of the day.  After breakfast we went to Ruibal's and picked out some flowers for the front yard and stuff for lunch.  We spent the rest of the afternoon in our pool and Jason made a delicious steak for dinner.  It was low key and a perfect day together.  Lexi loves her dad so much and she spent the entire day telling him so.  Lexi hit the jackpot in the Dad department (as did I in the husband department)!!  We are truly blessed to call him ours.

  (Lexi and Jason last summer in CA).

roughing it

A couple of weeks ago the three of us headed to Broken Bow, OK to go "camping."  We stayed at the Silverbrook cabin at Beaver's Bend.  The cabin was beautiful and charming.  We brought steak and fresh veggies and fruit for the first night and headed to the local market for food the second night.  Our cabin had a hot tub on the wrap around porch that we enjoyed both nights after making s'mores for dessert.  Jason and I stayed up talking and enjoying some vino while Lexi snoozed in her own king bed.  Our second day we rented a boat and cruised Broken Bow Lake.  We tubed and had a blast.  The lake was clean and peaceful.  It was a perfect little summer getaway and we can't wait to go back next summer!

The day we left a storm rolled through OK and it was beautiful!  We stopped to take a picture right after we crossed the Red River.


Lexi had her first day of VBS today.  She is grouped with her friends Colbie and Parker and is so excited about this week!  When I picked her up today all the groups were together singing.  The leaders announced 5th grade (5th graders cheered), 4th grade (4th graders cheered), etc.  When they got to kindergarten I teared up.  I couldn't see Lexi in the mass of kids, but I could picture her face smiling with pride about being a big kindergartener.  It makes me tear up typing this...where did our baby girl go?  She is almost in elementary school.  I am so proud of her and the young girl she has become.  She blesses me and Jason and so many people around her.  She can light up a room in seconds and she is as sweet as pie.  Ah, our kindergartener, our blessing.