A day in the life of Lexi continued...

Today we also strolled through downtown Wylie while I enjoyed my afternoon coffee and bought some scrapbooking supplies. When we got home we were both exhausted and took a nap together on the couch. After the nap we played some more and then started the evening routine. Lexi had her bath, "naked time," we read a book, sang a song, she had her bottle, we said our prayers, and then she was asleep.

Overall, the Walsh girls had a fun little Saturday.

A day in the life of Lexi

I decided to try and learn some of the functions of our camera today. I carried the camera with me all day in order to chronicle the normal daily events with me and Lexi. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was close to 70 degrees. It was perfect. The only thing missing was daddy.

Starting the day off right...

Lexi then looked at her Wee Gallery cards. The Owl was her fav today.

Lexi takes her first nap from 9:30 until 11:00 am. She then wakes up to eat and we play until 12:30. Today we read, looked at family pictures and played with the Gymboree scarfs and music from Aunt Kim until the 2nd naptime.

Since it was so pretty today we took a walk around the block together. To be continued...


Photo Shoot

Alexi is 11 weeks now and she loves holding her hands. A lot of times her hands make it to her mouth, but once she tastes the lotion on them she makes a face and they are out...only for a few seconds though until she tries again!

This morning Lexi had a photo shoot at a photographers house. Usually we have a happy, smiley baby, but today...not so much! Lexi has been a bit constipated (sorry in advance honey when you read this once you are older); therefore, she was quite the crank this morning. She was a fussy fern during most of the photographs, so once I changed the horrific dirty diaper after we were home...I took a few shots myself. Enjoy!


10 Weeks!

Lexi is in the double digits now and is 10 weeks old! Over the past couple of weeks Lexi has started to LOVE bath time. After the bath we hang out on the bed with Lexi in her towel and play. She smiles and dances around for about an hour. We know her laugh is coming soon and we can't wait to hear it! Lexi also wakes at 5:00 am and coos to herself for about an hour. It is the sweetest thing to listen to. She drifts back off to dream land and then wakes for the day at 8:00 am. We also think sleeping through the night is coming soon. Lexi wakes to eat at about 3:00 am, but as soon as she moves past the 4 oz each feeding...a full nights sleep awaits!


More pictures

Lexi looks like her daddy today. Lucky for her she has a super cute dad!


Our Peanut

Our little Peanut is not so "little" anymore. She weighed in at 12 pounds yesterday at her follow-up visit at the doctor! She is doing wonderfully and is as happy as can be!


Initiation of worries

On Sunday, (Lexi's 2 month birthday) Jason and I experienced the first true initiation of parenthood worries. Lexi woke up from her afternoon nap and had a fever reading 102.5. We took her to the ER and they did multiple tests and found nothing. Since the doctors could not find the cause of her fever she had to undergo a Spinal Tap. The Spinal Tap would determine if Lexi had Meningitis. It took 48 hours for the results; therefore, we were admitted to the hospital and were released Wednesday morning. Thankfully all the results were negative. As it turns out, it looks like Lexi had a cold. Lexi had the rainbow of tests because of her young age and we could not take any risks. Her fever broke within the hour of getting to the ER, but we needed confirmation that Lexi is completely healthy. We got that confirmation.

There were painful times for her at the hospital, but at least she will not remember them. Even though she did not feel well, she still brightened up the room with those “Lexi smiles.” It was an emotional roller coaster for me and Jason. My mom always says she would take the pain away from me if she could and now I know exactly how she feels. It was heartbreaking to see Lexi in pain. I would have done ANYTHING to take the pain from her. We kissed her, hugged her, cried for her, and loved on her as much as possible. In reality, she took care of me too…her beautiful eyes, loving touch, and precious smile held me together.



Alexi is beginning to discover her hands. She is close to realizing they are attached to her and she is the one who ultimately controls them! Turn up the sound to hear her grunt!


Mia the Monkey

For Alexi's 8 week birthday today we presented her with "Mia the Monkey." Lexi looks adorable with Mia! Lexi Lou is our little monkey so we thought it was appropriate to get her one to love and snuggle with. We hope Lexi grows attached to Mia...we know we will regret saying this if Mia should ever get lost, but it is precious to see the two of them together!