Initiation of worries

On Sunday, (Lexi's 2 month birthday) Jason and I experienced the first true initiation of parenthood worries. Lexi woke up from her afternoon nap and had a fever reading 102.5. We took her to the ER and they did multiple tests and found nothing. Since the doctors could not find the cause of her fever she had to undergo a Spinal Tap. The Spinal Tap would determine if Lexi had Meningitis. It took 48 hours for the results; therefore, we were admitted to the hospital and were released Wednesday morning. Thankfully all the results were negative. As it turns out, it looks like Lexi had a cold. Lexi had the rainbow of tests because of her young age and we could not take any risks. Her fever broke within the hour of getting to the ER, but we needed confirmation that Lexi is completely healthy. We got that confirmation.

There were painful times for her at the hospital, but at least she will not remember them. Even though she did not feel well, she still brightened up the room with those “Lexi smiles.” It was an emotional roller coaster for me and Jason. My mom always says she would take the pain away from me if she could and now I know exactly how she feels. It was heartbreaking to see Lexi in pain. I would have done ANYTHING to take the pain from her. We kissed her, hugged her, cried for her, and loved on her as much as possible. In reality, she took care of me too…her beautiful eyes, loving touch, and precious smile held me together.

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