We are ALL so excited to go on vacation Monday!  We will be gone for a full week.  It will be just the three of us until Friday and then we will be with our Houston family.  Lexi talks about vacation all the time...how she can't wait, it will be so much fun, she gets to leave after two more naps, and she is already sorting and packing.  She was "folding" her laundry today and when I brought more clothes from the dryer onto Uncle Chip's bed (yes, she still calls it that even though Chip only lived with us a month one year ago), she said, "Thank you for bringing me more clothes!"  I also told her today she can bring 3 babies.  She said, "Ok, Nine, Kelly, and Mickey.  BUT, Mickey loves Minnie so I have to bring both of them."  Jason and I looked at each other, laughed and agreed with her.  She is now bringing 4 babies. :)


snuggle night

If Jason has a late night hockey game (like tonight) I let Lexi spend the night with me. Tonight before Jason left she didn't know he had a game; therefore, she didn't know I was planning on a snuggle night. I was on the couch before Jason left and I told him my stomach hurt. Lexi popped up and whispered in my ear, "I need to sleep in your bed because I need to take care of you since your tummy hurts." WHAT a sweetheart! As I type this on my phone I have my little nurse snuggling on my side. My heart is full.

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cheers to 7 years!

I fell totally in love with Jason in a short amount of time.  Somehow, in 7 years my love for him has grown more than I ever could have imagined.  I honestly did not think it was possible for me to feel more love for him today than I did on our wedding day.  Thankful for our lives together yesterday, today, and all the tomorrows.  I am truly blessed.

Lexi is also excited about today.  She repeatedly is saying, "Happy Anniversary!"  She even wanted to call Jason and leave that on his voicemail.  A few minutes ago she went in her room and said she wanted to surprise me...she came out like this and said, "Surprise!  Happy anniversary!  I had to dress nicer for your anniversary!!" L O V E her more and more everyday too!!


check marks

After vacuuming today, Lexi wanted to play with her dolls in the living room. I said, ok and she started to bring the dolls out of her room. Before she walked on the rug she asked, "Mom, you like the check marks, right? Do you want me to play on the hardwood?" Sweet, observant little girl. She knows how much her mama enjoys the vacuum lines (aka check marks). :)
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happy birthday, dad + grandpa

Today my dad would have been 70.  Wow, 70 years old.  I just can't believe he has been gone for 19 years.  I wish with my whole heart that he could have met Jason and Alexi.  Significant days like today are harder than others, but my heart aches a little bit every day.  Miss you, dad.

Also today my grandpa would have been 101.  I also wish he could have met my wonderful husband and sweet daughter.  I am so thankful Alexi was able to have a strong relationship and connection with Gigi though.  It is tough that Gigi was the only great-grandparent Lexi was able to meet.  We really wish she could have met my grandpa and Jason's grandparents.  We miss them all.


our home

I started a blog post awhile back ago about our home.  I wanted to capture what our home looks like, where Lexi is growing up, etc.  I finally finished taking pictures of this wonderful place that we call home.  A few days ago, I received a knock at the door.  It was a woman realtor who had shown our house 6 years ago.  She said she loved our house and wanted to know if we are considering putting it on the market because she sold her house and wanted to buy ours.  I told her that we actually have been discussing that lately.  Well, on Saturday the lady and her boyfriend came by for a tour of our house.  They stayed for about 10 minutes, had positive things to say, but we received an email today stating that she just can't do it right now...maybe in a year when she is remarried.  Jason and I had already been daydreaming about our next house, but honestly it is a relief.  We are happy here.  We love our home.  There are things we would like to change or upgrade of course, but we are blessed beyond belief to have this home to shelter our family.  :)



A few funnies from today:
I said we needed to go to Target. Lexi replied, "well, what about H&M or Anthropologie instead?"
On the way to swim class Lexi asked, "is my hair getting dry with all this swimming?"
I asked Lexi to get dressed and she was stalling. I finally said, "I have asked to ten times to please get dressed." Lexi turned, walked out of the room and said, "I'm on it, mom!"
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this week

I haven't blogged in awhile...sorry if you are following and you have been disappointed.  :)

This summer has been so much fun!  On Monday, we swam with Caleb, Graham, and Megan.  We had a blast and stayed awhile playing, chatting, and eating lunch.  On Tuesday, Lexi and I cleaned the house, had some snuggle time on the couch, and took Addie to swim class.  After swim, Addie got to come over and play a little bit.  Addie and Lexi have grown up together and are truly becoming good friends!  Today, Lexi and I went to see Winnie the Pooh with Ava and Emily at the theater.  Tomorrow, Lexi has swim class again and on Friday, we are going swimming with Michelle and Addie at Lifetime.  We have been in the pool A LOT and we love it!

Other news in our house is we are officially PALEO eaters.  I have been pretty strict with it for almost 2 months now and I feel great!  Tonight Jason and I are starting Insanity.  We are excited and nervous.  Being healthy is our motivation.  We desire happy and healthy hearts.  :)