our home

I started a blog post awhile back ago about our home.  I wanted to capture what our home looks like, where Lexi is growing up, etc.  I finally finished taking pictures of this wonderful place that we call home.  A few days ago, I received a knock at the door.  It was a woman realtor who had shown our house 6 years ago.  She said she loved our house and wanted to know if we are considering putting it on the market because she sold her house and wanted to buy ours.  I told her that we actually have been discussing that lately.  Well, on Saturday the lady and her boyfriend came by for a tour of our house.  They stayed for about 10 minutes, had positive things to say, but we received an email today stating that she just can't do it right now...maybe in a year when she is remarried.  Jason and I had already been daydreaming about our next house, but honestly it is a relief.  We are happy here.  We love our home.  There are things we would like to change or upgrade of course, but we are blessed beyond belief to have this home to shelter our family.  :)

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