My December Sweets!

NO Santa!

The trip to see Santa did not go as planned.  Lexi brought her jingle bell and magazine to show Santa Claus the vacuum cleaner she is yearning for.  She was so excited to see the Real Santa Claus!  Once we got to the store, she put her head down on my shoulder and held on for dear life.  She did not want to go near him!  I tried, Jason tried, the elf tried, but the answer was, "NO!"  We had to quickly throw Lexi on Santa's lap for a quick picture.  It is a screaming picture, but it works and it is adorable!

Here are the before and after photos from our Santa Claus trip:


Hey Babe?

When I call for Jason I usually ask loudly, "Hey Babe?"  That is for "Where are you?" or  "What are you doing?"  You know....

Today Lexi and I were in the living room and I was working on the computer.  She needed something so I asked her to go ask Daddy.  She said, "okay," walked through the living room towards the bedroom where Jason was yelling, "Hey Babe" over and over again...



It's December!  This time of year is so exciting with a child! Lexi LOVES Santa Claus!  Jason has taken her to Home Depot a few times to see her excitement over the blow up yard Santa's.  Jason and I said we would never have a blow up Santa in our yard, but things have changed.  We are now searching for the perfect one to put in our yard so Lexi can beam with excitement every night when she looks in our yard during the holidays.  She is asking Santa for a vacuum cleaner this year.  It is darling to hear her say "Santa Claus coming.  Bring presents.  Vacuum cleaner!"  Love her!