writing music

Last night I went to eat with my sweet friend, Kandy.  When I got home Lexi was in bed.  I went in her room to say goodnight and she was still awake.  I gave her hugs and kisses and told her I would start her music over (she has 6 songs that I put on a CD that she listens to every single night).  She asked me to actually not start her music over because she paused it.  She paused the 5th song because she no longer likes the last two songs.  She asked, "Mom, why did you write that song?"  I replied, "I didn't write it honey, I just put it on the CD."  Lexi said, "Maybe you forgot.  Let me show you."  She got out of bed and opened her CD player.  The CD has my handwriting on it; therefore, she believes I "wrote" the music.  She sent me on my way with this, "Will you think of new lyrics and you can make a new bedtime CD tomorrow?"  My sweet, sweet girl thinks I write music.  She thinks I'm magical.  She loves me unconditionally with her whole being.  I love her more.



Lexi loves to set up her babies in the window and perform a concert for them.  She sets up the iPad, puts on a playlist, stands on her stool, plays her guitar and sings her little heart out. 


mother's day weekend

Lexi spent the night at Mimi and Paw Paw's on Saturday night.  Jason and I went to eat sushi and then came back to the hotel apartment and had wine by the pool.  It was so relaxing and no one was out there!  When we came home we rented a movie and then practiced our country dancing in the living room.  :)

On Sunday, Mimi brought Lexi home and our cousin Lindsey came over too.  We had a light lunch and chatted a ton!  After everyone left Lexi and Jason gave me my Mother's Day gifts.  I received two very sweet cards and Anthro clothes!  I loved all of the clothes, but I needed to exchange the pants for a smaller size and the dress they gave me was cute, just not very flattering on me.  When Lexi talked to Grandma Mike on the phone, she told her they got me some clothes, but I am taking them back because they weren't really comfortable!  We all headed to Anthropologie (my happy place) and I exchanged the clothes.  After Anthro we sat on the patio at Mellow Mushroom and had a delicious dinner. 

I am so incredibly blessed to be the mother of Alexi.  She lights up my world.  She is so spunky and passionate about everything.  Sometimes I truly feel my heart is about to burst out of my chest with love for her.  Thank you, God for choosing me to be her mom.  I cannot express my gratitude for this precious gift. 

We are also so incredibly blessed to have our mothers.  Rose Ann raised the most sincere, genuine, nurturing, and loving man.  My mom taught me how to love unconditionally.  I'm so blessed to be a daughter, daughter-in-law, and to have a daughter of my own.



Today Lexi's sweet little voice woke me up with this..."You are the best mommy in the whole wide world.  I am so thankful God gave myself to you.  I don't love you to the ceiling.  I don't love you to the sky.  I don't love you to the moon or sun.  I don't love you all the way to God.  I love you more than that!"


the sweetest voice...

The sweetest voice woke me up this morning by singing "You are my Sunshine" in my ear.  Lexi's little hand cupped my ear and she whispered the words ever so softly.  Then, she asked for a foot massage.  She is such a girl!!


pretend play

Lexi has really used her imagination and creativity a lot since we moved to the apartment.  We brought most of her toys, but not all of them.  The toys are in new places, so maybe she feels like they are brand new again.  Whatever the case may be, she dives deep into pretend play.  She dresses up as a waitress almost every night for dinner.  She's not only the waitress, she is also the host, chef, and busboy. 

Today when I got out of the shower I saw this.
Lexi explained the scene.  She is the doctor and the life size Barbie is having a baby.  She has my iPad set up playing a birth slideshow I did for a friend to the tune of "Here Comes Your Man."  Don't worry, there is absolutely nothing graphic on the slideshow!!  The other babies around the room are in the nursery, of course. 

Maybe one day she will be a labor and delivery doctor and this picture will be in her office. :)


the simple life

We sold our house and moved to an apartment.  Instead of rushing into a new house or trying to find a nice house to rent, we decided to move into a new apartment complex.  It is 40 seconds from Jason's office.  It is new + clean + has a fabulous saltwater pool.  The office has a coffee bar.  It feels like we are living in a fancy hotel.  Every morning we go coffee and hot chocolate at the bar and we are waiting for the weather to warm up to spend every summer afternoon in the pool!  We have only been here a few days, but so far we absolutely love it.  We only brought the things we need...we basically packed like we were going on vacation.  A lot of our stuff is in storage and we will get it out once we find a house.  We thought we would only want to be in an apartment for a few months, but so far we are not an any rush to get out of here!!  It is simple.  It is relaxing and peaceful.  It is perfect.