pretend play

Lexi has really used her imagination and creativity a lot since we moved to the apartment.  We brought most of her toys, but not all of them.  The toys are in new places, so maybe she feels like they are brand new again.  Whatever the case may be, she dives deep into pretend play.  She dresses up as a waitress almost every night for dinner.  She's not only the waitress, she is also the host, chef, and busboy. 

Today when I got out of the shower I saw this.
Lexi explained the scene.  She is the doctor and the life size Barbie is having a baby.  She has my iPad set up playing a birth slideshow I did for a friend to the tune of "Here Comes Your Man."  Don't worry, there is absolutely nothing graphic on the slideshow!!  The other babies around the room are in the nursery, of course. 

Maybe one day she will be a labor and delivery doctor and this picture will be in her office. :)

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